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Anupamaa 8th July 2023 Written Update: Is Barkhaa the real VILLAIN in MaAn’s life? Deets here!

Will Anupamaa be able to overcome the unexpected blockages on her route to America is what remains to be seen

Anupamaa 8th July 2023 Written Update: Is Barkhaa the real VILLAIN in MaAn’s life? Deets here!
Is Barkhaa the real VILLAIN? (PC: Instagram)

Last Updated: 10.21 AM, Jul 08, 2023


The day started off with the entire Shah family members seated together and discussing about whether Anupamaa should be going to America or not. They also start discussing about chhoti Anu and her condition without the presence of both, her biological mother Maaya and also Anupamaa. Amidst all this, Toshu says that, he strongly feels (his mother) Anupamaa should not be going to America, considering the prevalent situations and conditions.

On hearing this, everyone becomes extremely shocked. That’s when Kinjal tells that, once Anupamaa steps out to go to America to realise her dreams, Anuj will be efficiently taking care of chhoti Anu. She adds that, even though it may seem and look tough initially, but she has full faith and confidence in Anuj that he will leave no stone unturned while taking care of chhoti Anu.

When Toshu insists on Anupamaa not going top America, Kinjal decodes his behaviour and also his reason to say no to Anupamaa going to America. Kinjal says that, even during such challenging situation, Toshu is acting selfish and that the reason why he doesn’t want Anupamaa to go to America is because of his selfish reasons. Samar immediately seconds Kinjal’s statement and observation about Toshu.

Seeing Anupamaa in a totally districted situation, her mother comes to her and consoles her. She instils immense confidence in Anupamaa. But, Anupamaa, on the other hand, starts drowning and drowning in the pool of guilt for a mistake that she did not even commit.

Meanwhile, at the Shah House, the evil Barkhaa rakes up the topic of Maaya’s accident. She says that, Anupamaa is behaving in such a guilty way that she is responsible for Maaya’s death. When she asks for an explanation, Anuj clarifies that it was totally the fault of the truck driver who dashed Maaya, since he was driving at full speed.

Upon being pressurised, Anuj says that, Maaya met with an accident while saving Anupamaa’s life. He also adds that, this conversation should not be raked up ever again in the house. Chhoti Anu, who was asleep, happens to listen to the conversation. Hearing that, she gets an uncontrollable panic attack.

That’s when Paakhi calls Anupamaa and tells her to come to the Shah House immediately. Upon going there, Anuj explains the whole situation and how chhoti Anu got a panic attack. On the other hand, Guru Maa Malti Devi tells Nakul to call up Anupamaa when the time is 1.30 in the night!

And when Nakul tells Guru Maa Malti Devi that Anupamaa was not responding to the phone calls, she tells Nakul to call up her mother’s residence to check for the whereabouts of Anupamaa. That’s when they get to know that Anupamaa has gone to take care of chhoti Anu.

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