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Anupamaa: After Babuji’s failed efforts, will Anupamaa be successful in breaking Anuj’s silence and making him tell the truth?

Anuj’s silence is killing everyone, esp. Anupamaa

Anupamaa: After Babuji’s failed efforts, will Anupamaa be successful in breaking Anuj’s silence and making him tell the truth?
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Last Updated: 01.31 PM, May 20, 2023


The day starts off with an intense conversation between Maaya and Anuj, during which, the former tries her level best to convince the latter to stay together. Even though Anuj doesn’t like the whole proceedings, for reasons best known to him, he lands yup saying yes to Maaya. Seeing Anuj in such a never-before confused state of mind, Babuji decides to talk to him. Seeing them together, Maaya, Barkhaa and Vanraj get into a panic situation, but they try to maintain their calm.

Meanwhile, Babuji is trying his level best to get the truth from him about the real story behind his relationship with Maaya and on what basis does Maaya behaves as if she owns him. Despite all his efforts to speak to Anuj like his own son, Anuj maintains to keep his mouth shut and refrains from telling anything. He smiles and tells Babuji that there are certain things in life, for which silence is the best medicine. Saying this, he not just apologises to Babuji, but also breaks down heavily.

And even when Ankush asks Anuj about if he is really staying with Maaya, Anuj tells him that they will talk later about it. Meanwhile, Baa corners Maaya and Barkhaa kin order to discuss about the wedding proceedings. And when Anupamaa sees this happening, she is taken aback. Seeing Anupamaa in the room, Maaya’s confidence grows further against Anupamaa and she assures Baa that she will take care of all the marriage rituals.

Meanwhile, Adhik speaks to Barkhaa asking her of Anuj got to know about the discrepancies in the accounts (because of them). To this, Barkhaa replies that, even though Anuj doesn’t know about the accounts, its their duty to keep him away from the house and office, so that he doesn’t know anything about the accounts’ mismanagement. And when, an extremely sad Anupmaa goes inside the bedroom to arrange the gifts that Samar and Dimpy have got, Anuj follows her.

Seeing them missing, Maaya comes in search of the two. And just about Anuj is about to tell the truth behind the entire scenario, there enters Maaya and acts as if she is feeling suffocated. Seeing her in this condition, Anuj takes her along from that room, thus, leaving Anupamaa in an extremely sad emotional state.

SPOILER ALERT: Anupamaa and Anuj coincidentally meet each other on the road and that’s when she asks hi, to complete the incomplete story that he was about to say. That’s when Anuj tells her that he wants to tell her everything and that he just cannot live in a suffocated state like that.

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