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Anupamaa Update: Anuj Kapadia emotionally TORTURES Anupama and others with his silence. But why?

Why is Anuj emotionally TORTURING Anupama and other with his silence?

Anupamaa Update: Anuj Kapadia emotionally TORTURES Anupama and others with his silence. But why?
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Last Updated: 08.23 AM, May 17, 2023


The day starts off with Anupamaa and Bhairavi having a recall conversation with each other about the Gurukul. That’s when Anupamaa realises that. She has to now to go Shah House for the Satyanarayan Pooja, wherein she will also be meeting Anuj. The very thought of coming face to face with Anuj totally confuses Anupamaa.

On the other hand, at the behest of Anupamaa and Smaar, come Kaavya. Even though she meets everyone with a smile (including Baa), she chooses to avoid meeting Vanraj. When they meet each other in their room, they forget their past and meet each other without any baggage.

On the other hand, when Anupama is walking on the road towards Shah House, someone steps on her footwear and as a result of which, it slips from her leg. Just as when the passersby start stamping on the footwear, there comes Anuj who takes guard of the situation and helps Anupamaa to wear the footwear back, thus reminding her about her first meeting with Anuj in a party. Seeing each other face to face, both are totally at a loss of words and are totally emotional about each other.

Just as when they both are seeing each other, there comes chhoti Anu asking for her papa Anuj. Seeing chhoti Anu, Anupamaa becomes extremely emotional and tells her that she really missed her a lot at every step of hers. But, this time round, chhoti Anu behaves very inderffentrly towards Anupamaa. And when Anupamaa asks her the reason for being so indifferent towards her, chhoti Anu abruptly says that all is fine and she calls her her papa Anuj and mom Maaya to go inside the wedding hall. Hearing this, Anupmaa is totally distroted.

SPOILER ALERT: The upcoming episode of Anupamaa will see Baa asking Anuj and Maaya about their marital status that whether they are married or not. Not just that, when Anuj sits for Staynarayan Pooja, Maaya sits in the place of his wife, this puts everyone in a big question mark.

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