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Exclusive | Mother's Day 2023: Mother, Maa, Mummy... all mean an emotion of security of someone protecting you forever, says Rupali Ganguly

The ‘Anupamaa’ actress spoke exclusively to OTTplay on the occasion of ‘Mother’s Day 2023’

Exclusive | Mother's Day 2023: Mother, Maa, Mummy... all mean an emotion of security of someone protecting you forever, says Rupali Ganguly

Last Updated: 07.45 PM, May 14, 2023


Hello Rupali ji... I mean... ‘Anupa-Maa’. Today, on the occasion of ‘Mother’s Day’, can you tell us the film that you like to watch with your mother?
I would love to watch with my mother any of my father's films. We get nostalgic about how it was shot and what happened during the shooting and everything related to the film. We always talk about how the film was shot and how it was released, especially ‘Sahib’. So that is what a film that is like an all-time family watch.

Okay. Now tell us about that one thing for which you were always scolded by your mother?
I was always scolded by my mother for being messy. (smiles). If you have watched Monisha’s house in ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’, that was just me only! (laughs). Eating on bed.... I was scolded for everything. Even I used to get hit from my mother. I was also the pampered child at home. But now, I have become very responsible after my marriage.

Which is your favorite food that your mother makes?
My mother cooks the best dish in the world. Like she makes everything in like 2 minutes! It could be aloo ka paratha, dal or anything... my mummy makes the best dish. My mummy is a fantastic cook. Whatever my mummy cooks, it’s the best for me!

What does the term ‘Mother’ mean to you?
The term, ‘Mother’’, Maa’’, Mummy’ is not a term … its an emotion. It's an emotion of security. Its an emotion of someone protecting you forever. Its an emotion of someone who is your first teacher, someone who shapes a child's life, be it character, be it how resilient the child grows up to be, or whatever characteristics the child grows up with it, comes from the mother. Our mother is our first guru. And this term ‘Mother’ is a universal emotion, which has a huge place in my heart.

How are you planning to celebrate this year’s Mother's Day?
Every year, I go out with my mom either for lunch or dinner. Most of the time, my brother is not there. But, this year, my brother is there. So, we shall be going out together. I will also be meeting my mother-in-law as well. My husband and my son have gone to meet her just now and I will be joining them soon. Post that, I will be meeting my brother and my mom and head for a family dinner.

Do you think, over the years, the concept of ‘Mother's Day’ has taken the commercial route?
Of course, it is totally commercial. There just cannot be one day that can be dedicated to Mother's Day or even Father’s Day. There cannot be just one day, every day is theirs and for them so how can someone pick out time only for them specifically. It's a Western culture that all kids do celebrate these days... time and again. They think just because its Mother's Day, let's meet our mom! But, here in Indian culture, we live with our moms, speak to them over video calls. Every day its Mother's Day and Father's Day. Everyday is for your loved ones.

What are some of the most important qualities you hope/ plan to instill in your child as they grow up? Motherhood is a learning experience throughout your life. Every time you think it's going to ease out, it doesn’t. It becomes more and more intense. The emotions grow more and more intense. It is a never-ending job, and you have to be on duty 24X7. You make a huge amount of mistakes, but there is no one to rectify them, there is no manual that comes with it. But, when you are being a mother, you learn on the job and there is no skin that matches the other. 

Our own mothers set a benchmark for us. I have learnt so much from what my mother went through. From labour pains to delivery, to bringing up the child, all of these experiences have made me appreciate my mother so much. They say when a woman becomes a mother, she values her own mother much more. Its not that she did not value her before but after becoming a mother, the value of our own mother grows immensely.

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