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Anupamaa: Barkha declares that Adhik and Pakhi should get divorced

Vanraj finally realises that Anupama was right about Pakhi

Anupamaa: Barkha declares that Adhik and Pakhi should get divorced

Last Updated: 08.33 AM, Dec 20, 2022


When Pakhi begs Adhik to take her back, he says that he is not in a mindset to accept her or her apology at the moment, and needs some time to think things over. He asks Pakhi to leave him alone, and he gets into the car and leaves.

Anupama is devastated to see Pakhi in tears, but stops herself from comforting her daughter. Anuj sees her pain and asks if she wants to go to Pakhi, to which Anupama says no. Anupama thinks about how she cannot ignore Pakhi’s pain, despite the fact that the young woman is in the wrong. Back at home, Anuj comforts Anupama, who remarks how tough times, such as parents’ divorce and fights, can leave a lasting impression on children.

Things are as gloomy as ever at the Shah house, as Vanraj and the rest of the Shahs are shocked and hurt by the things Pakhi said. Pakhi is still outside the house, unable to get over what happened.

Vanraj finally becomes aware that Anupama had always been right about Pakhi. He cannot believe that Pakhi accused him of breaking up her marriage, despite the fact that he had done everything in his power to ensure that Pakhi was happy. He decides never to interfere in Pakhi’s affairs ever again. He declares that Pakhi can never improve, and says that Anupama was right to kick her out of the house. Pakhi hears all of this.

Anupama is hurt by the fact that she had to leave Pakhi behind, saying that despite the latter’s fault, Anupama wanted to give her the support she needed. Barkha declares that it is impossible for anyone to live with Pakhi, and that Adhik and Pakhi should get divorced.

Vanraj refuses to be swayed by Pakhi’s words again, and when the latter continues to blame them, he says that she was at liberty to leave. Kavya advises Vanraj to be balanced in his approach.

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