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Anupamaa: Devika makes a dashing entry to spoil Barkha’s plots

Pakhi tries to emotionally blackmail everyone to have an extravagant wedding.

Anupamaa: Devika makes a dashing entry to spoil Barkha’s plots

Last Updated: 12.15 PM, Nov 11, 2022


Pakhi relentlessly complains about the bridal outfit that Anupama picked, and starts to emotionally blackmail everyone into giving in to her demands. Anupama is fed up with Pakhi’s whining, and sarcastically criticises her daughter. Anupama asks her daughter to wear the dress at least for the mehendi ceremony, and Adhik intervenes to diffuse the tension and declares that Pakhi will definitely wear the outfit Anupama picked. Barkha is pleased with the turn of events. She makes her way to the Shah house.

She pretends to have remorse over her actions and apologises to the Shahs, just as Anupama, Anuj, Adhik and Pakhi arrive. Anupama and Kinjal have a happy reunion.

Barkha reveals that she has shortlisted a few themes for the wedding. She shows everyone a list of extravagant and expensive bridal dresses, locations and more. Pakhi loves it all, despite how expensive they are. Baa, Anupama and the rest of the family are shocked by the prices, especially a lehenga worth Rs 20 lakhs. Baa criticises Pakhi, since the money is Anuj’s. Samar makes fun of Pakhi for her materialism.

Barkha keeps on making more and more expensive suggestions, all of which Pakhi loves. When the former asks if Vanraj is okay with it, he replies that he does not care about the wedding at all. Barkha’s plot is foiled when Devika makes a dashing entry, announcing how stupid the former’s plan is. Devika says that no choreographers are needed since Samar and Anu are there, and Devika would take care of the wedding planning, and offers a number of equally appealing, yet far more affordable options for the wedding. Barkha is livid.

Anupama wonders how much more mature Choti Anu is compared to Pakhi. As Samar teaches everyone the choreography for the Sangeet, Pakhi is saddened by the fact that Vanraj is not a part of the festivities.

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