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Anupamaa Written Update September 4, 2023: Ankush SLAPS his son Romil in front of everyone! Deets here!

In front of the entire Kapadia family, Ankush slaps his son Romil. Read on to find out more

Anupamaa Written Update September 4, 2023: Ankush SLAPS his son Romil in front of everyone! Deets here!
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Last Updated: 03.45 PM, Sep 04, 2023


The day starts off with an intense conversation between Vanraj Shah and Kaavya. Hearing Vanraj’s talks., Kaavya agrees with him and his decision. That’s when Kaavya tells Vanraj that she will leva eth house and go. To which, Vanraj says that, he is only worried about the stress and strain of the house (Shah House) will surely take a toll on her health. Kaavya, then, turns to Babuji and pleads to talk to her for a minute. Amidst the conversation, she tells him that she loves Vanraj immensely. Hearing that, Baa (who enters the scene), tells her not to see her face anytime as it irritates her the most.

On the other hand, everyone starts suspecting Romil as if he has robbed off Anuj’s money that he had given to Ankush. Meanwhile, Romil says that, if Adhik will be searching his room, then, he too should be allowed to search Adhik’s room. That’s why they mutually agree that Paakhi will be searching Romil’s room. And when they all are discussing about the whereabouts of the money, suddenly Paakhi comes out of Romil’s room with the suit case that contains the money. Needless to say that Romil becomes totally shocked.

And when everyone starts looking at Romil with suspicion, that time, Romil says that, he is totally innocent and that, the persons who are to be blamed are none other than Barkhaa and Adhik. That’s when he also tells Anupamaa and Anuj that, had he robbed the money, then, he won’t be staying in the house. He would have rather taken the money and would have run away from the house with the money. Thereafter starts a verbal war between Adhik and Romil.

Hearing all this with utmost patience, even Anuj lost his cool. But, when Romil does not stop his shouting, an infuriated Ankush lands up slapping Romil in front of everyone. Seeing all this, Barkhaa tells Anupamaa to call the police. But, the very moment Adhik hears about police, he gets scared and takes a U-turn. That’s when Barkhaa steps back from her decision of calling the police.

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