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Anupamaa June 6th Update: Is Dimpy’s mother the mysterious thief? Guru Maa Malti Devi to attend Samar's marriage!

Will the relationship between Guru Maa Malti Devi and Anuj be revealed soon is what remains to be seen

Anupamaa June 6th Update: Is Dimpy’s mother the mysterious thief? Guru Maa Malti Devi to attend Samar's marriage!
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Last Updated: 08.55 AM, Jun 06, 2023


The day starts off with a heartfelt interaction between Kinjal and Dimpy, with the former advising the latter about the new beginning which she is about to embark on as a daughter-in-law. Just as Dimpy is about to absorb all the advice, suddenly she recalls the words of caution from the evil Barkhaa. That’s when Dimpy asks for forgiveness in her mind from Kinjal by saying that, even though she (Kinjal) is too good, she (Dimpy herself) just doesn’t want to be that good. She says that she will not change her thought process for anyone in the world.

Seeing Meenu helping Bhairavi in serving juices to the guests, Baa tells Meenu to play with other children but tells Bhairavi to continue serving juices to the guests. Seeing this, Anupamaa’s mother gets furious and scolds Baa for showing disparity between the two children. Hearing that, Anupamaa also joins in the conversation and requests Baa to see Meenu and Bhairavi with an impartial eye. Anupamaa tells her mother that she is extremely worried about the days after Samar and Dimpy’s marriage, because both Dimpy and Baa are extremely short tempered.

Amidst all this, Baa catches hold of the two lady ‘thieves’. Not just she catches hold of them, but also creates a huge ruckus before everyone. And when Anupamaa asks them the reason to be behind the veil in the marriage, they unveil themselves… only to reveal themselves as Dimpy’s mother! No sooner does Dimpy see her mother, she goes running towards her and hugs her and both become emotional.

Dimpy’s mother, then, explains the reason for her to be in disguise. She says that, even though Dimpy’s father loves her unconditionally, he is extremely upset with Dimpy as she had run away from the house against his wishes to get married to a boy of her choice. Hearing all this, Anupamaa, Vanraj and Anuj ask for forgiveness from Dimpy’s mother.

SPOILER ALERT: Just as when everyone is busy with the wedding preparations, Anupamaa sees guru Maa Malti Devi and Nakul in the marriage. And when Guru Maa Malti Devi is about to unknowingly step on a rose flower, Anuj comes to the forefront and offers his hand!

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