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Anupamaa update: Anupamaa gives in to Vanraj's emotional blackmail, promises to take care of his family if he dies

Today's episode will see Anupamaa stepping into the world of her dreams... but, with a condition! 

Anupamaa update: Anupamaa gives in to Vanraj's emotional blackmail, promises to take care of his family if he dies
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Last Updated: 10.54 AM, May 12, 2023


The day starts off with Vanraj Shah asking for a promise of sorts from Anupamaa stating that, in case he dies, she will take care of the family... Most importantly, Baa and Bapuji. Even though she is reluctant at first, she lands up promising to Vanraj Shah (that she will take care of the family and Baa and Baapuji, in case he passes away untimely). Just as when Anupamaa is about to leave the Shah House, Kinjal ‘reminds’ her that, before she goes to her house, she has an important thing to do. And when Anupamaa asks her what she was talking about, then, at that time, Kinjal tells Anupamaa that, it’s the same about which she was constantly telling her mother about it... to get an admission in ‘Malti Devi’s Gurukul’.

When Anupamaa says that she had just casually asked about Malti Devi and her dance academy, Kinjal gives the good news that she has already done the needful by sending her dance videos and also had her admission form filled up. All that she needs to do is meet Malti Devi for the selection round. The entire Shah family is super happy with Anupamaa meeting Malti Devi. Anupamaa, on her part, becomes totally numb by just hearing the very name of Malti Devi, who has now come to Ahmedabad in order to organize a grand dance event. Seeing Anupamaa’s nervousness, the entire Shah family peps up her confidence in unison. Seeing that, Anupamaa agrees to try and meet Malti Devi.

An extremely happy Anupamaa returns back to her house and on her way back home, she stops at a roadside cosmetic shop and buys a fancy crown for herself and wears it. After seeing herself in the mirror with the crown, her confidence level zooms up exponentially, and she decides to meet Malti Devi with utmost confidence. After reaching home, Anupamaa tells her mother about her meeting with Malti Devi. Hearing that, Anupamaa’s mother becomes super happy and furthermore peps up her confidence to meet Malti Devi.

On the other hand, when Kinjal is about to leave for her office, she instructs Vanraj to take care of his health and to refer to the medicine timetable that she has made for him. That’s when Toshu tells Kinjal to take leave for a few days and take care of his father. He also adds (read ‘taunts’) that, she made a mistake by getting Anupamaa enrolled at the dance academy at this age and that she won't be able to take care of his father anymore since she will be super busy with the dance academy. Hearing which, Kinjal tells him that, it’s the same mistake that they had made with Anupamaa and that she doesn’t want to repeat those mistakes. Hearing that, Vanraj confesses that he and Baa are guilty of not letting Anupamaa live her dreams (of going to USA). He says that, it's time for them to let Anupamaa fly and reach out to the skies.

SPOILER ALERT: After meeting Malti Devi, she tells Anupamaa that her gurukul is in America and that she has to leave for America. She adds that they will be signing a contract with her for three years, during which, she will have to stay in America for that long. She very categorically and strictly tells Anupamaa that, she should sign the contract papers only and only if she is confident of leaving her relations behind and concentrate totally on her dance, thus putting Anupamaa in a dilemma of sorts. On the other hand, Samar reads out a mobile message sent by Anuj, stating that he will be coming with Maaya and chhoti Anu for his marriage!

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