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Anurager Chhowa stands steady on the top of the TRP list

Jagaddhatri is in the second position

Anurager Chhowa stands steady on the top of the TRP list
Anurager Chhowa

Last Updated: 11.49 PM, Jan 27, 2023


The weekly TRP list has arrived. Anurager Chhowa retained the first position, having a distinct gap with Jagaddhatri in the second position. It is assumed that the saga of Surya-Deepa will continue to retain the top position in the coming weeks, provided the plot is as tight as it is in the present. 

However, the newly started serials can not enter the first three positions, though they are star-studded. Nim Fuler Modhu, starring Pallavi Sharma, performs the best among the newcomers. The Pallavi-Rubel pair wins the heart of the audience. Last week, it was in fifth position and this week it went one step up. Panchami and Bangla Medium are jointly the fifth. Then Shruti Das’s Ranga Bou. 

However, Mithai and Gatchora are not doing well. Gatchora is in position eight. Mithai was doing well but went slow again. Right now it is number ten. If the story does not solve Mithai's murder mystery, then perhaps the serial will be out of the top ten. 

Here is the list of the top 10.

1. Anurager Choa (9.1)

2. Jagaddhatri (8.4)

3. Gouri Elo (7.8)

4. Nim Fuler Modhu (7.6)

5. Panchami/Bangla Medium (7.2)

6. Ranga Bou/Khelna Bari (6.9)

7. Ekka Dokka (6.8)

8. Gatchora (6.6)

9. Haragouri Pice Hotel/Alta Foring (6.3)

10. Mithai (5.9)

Saheber Chithi had its last telecast this week. It had a TRP of 5.8 and hence did not get a position in the top ten. Tomar Khola Hawa, starring Swastika Dutta, and Mon Dite Chai, starring Arunima and Ritwik, are performing poorly among the newcomers. 

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