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Apurva song Hai Khuda: Watch Tara Sutaria's gruelling journey in this intense track

Apurva's latest song, Hai Khuda, echoes Tara Sutaria's turmoil.

Apurva song Hai Khuda: Watch Tara Sutaria's gruelling journey in this intense track
Tara Sutaria in a still from Apurva song Hai Khuda

Last Updated: 03.03 PM, Nov 09, 2023


The new song from Apurva is out. Titled Hai Khuda, the song plays in the background while unfolding the torture Tara Sutaria's titular character goes through in the film. The video showcases the intense chase between the lead characters, which takes us into the world of Apurva. The actor has gone to the next level to get into the skin of her character, as she is bruised up and in a messy mental state to escape in this survival thriller.

Vishal Mishra has sung the song, which he composed and penned the lyrics with Kaushal Kishore. The video also features other leading actors from Apurva, namely Abhishek Banerjee, Dhairya Karwa, and Rajpal Yadav.

Check out the song below:


Tara Sutaria on Apurva:

Earlier, while talking about Apurva, Tara said that having faith in one's work is essential, and ever since she met the director Nikhil Nagesh Bhat and writer Murad Khetani during the narration of Apurva, the actor has felt a strong sense of belief in what they are creating. In spite of what one may have gathered about her from her previous acting roles, Apurva presents her as she really is. Tara hopes others can see what she actually believes in.

Apurva is set in one of India's most dangerous regions, called Chambal, where a regular girl faces impossible odds and would do anything to stay alive. Tara had a complete makeover to fit the part, and in order to fully absorb the elements of her character, the actor refused to take a shower.

The transformation for Apurva

The actor has previously stated that she is most proud of Apurva since she filmed every shot in the film personally, and there can be no justifications. When they were filming, Tara felt like she could conquer anything. In the middle of the schedule, the actor doesn't think she showered for nearly a week on purpose so that she would look and feel as horrible as she was supposed to. It was fun to play in the mud and ash, and she didn't wash or brush her hair for weeks.

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