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Aquaman 2 to make OTT debut surprisingly too soon; here’s where and when you can watch it

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom aka Aquaman 2 OTT release comes after the theatrical run that started on December 22, 2023

Aquaman 2 to make OTT debut surprisingly too soon; here’s where and when you can watch it
Aquaman 2 Digital Premiere

Last Updated: 11.36 AM, Jan 18, 2024


When Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, aka Aquaman 2, hit the big screen last month, it became one of the most controversial movies in the history of cinema. With no immediate story attached to it, it has seen a list of controversies from the time it was announced to its final production. From Amber Heard’s involvement in the legal battle with her former husband Johnny Depp to allegations that she was mistreated on the sets of the movie by Jason Momoa, who plays the leading part. Now, as the movie is close to completing a month in theaters, we might have discovered when it begins streaming on OTT.

Aquaman 2 OTT Release Date:

One thing that most of us felt with the release of Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom was that it was Warner Bros’ attempt to just do something for the sake of it and get done with it quickly so they can move towards a new plan that has no connection with this film. While a village of actors, and an even bigger crowd of behind-the-scenes crew had worked on the film, it didn’t create a notable impact. So, this has made the studio decide that they will release the movie on streaming in a month.

Yes, you read that right. If the latest reports circulating on the internet are to go by, we might have learned when Aquaman 2 streams on HBO Max. The film, as per reports, will be debuting on the streaming wing of the studio on January 23, 2024. This means exactly the next day after it completes a month on the big screen. How this is helping a movie that is just a month old in theaters and a tent pole one is a big mystery.


But now that it is releasing on HBO Max, it might end up losing complete momentum in theaters, and we will soon start seeing lifetime earning reports making news. Meanwhile, India does not have HBO Max as of yet, which means the film will not be available. Well, No. Almost all DC movies have found a home on Jio Cinema in India. Add to this that the studio has cracked a deal with Netflix where they are letting the giant stream some popular IPs. Robert Pattinson’s The Batman recently dropped on Netflix. However, whether it drops on either of the two on the same day as HBO MAx is a mystery. 

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Box Office So Far:

The movie opened to some very worrisome numbers which it was even lower than the worst MCU movie. But soon it found some momentum to at least go beyond its budget and not be scrutinized for one more thing. The movie right now stands on a total box office collection of $378.2 million worldwide, of which $109.8 is the domestic collection, whereas $268.4 million is the worldwide haul.

However, these could have been decent numbers for any other movie but not for Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom. It was one of the most anticipated films of the year, and also a sequel to the movie that earned a billion dollars at the world box office back in the day. This means the sequel has not even tried to replicate the magic of the 2018 release, forget touching it.

About Aquaman 2:

Directed by James Wan, Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom takes the story of Arthur Curry ahead and introduces us to a more powerful Black Manta. He is back to destroy everything Aquaman loves because Arthur technically killed his father. The movie stars Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Yahya Abdul-Mateen ll, Patrick Wilson, and an ensemble.

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