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Arbaaz Khan reveals the Khan family lives together but maintains boundaries: ‘Not like Salman knows everything about...'

Arbaaz Khan spoke about his relationship with brother Salman Khan, also revealed the Khan family dynamics. Read to know the details!

Arbaaz Khan reveals the Khan family lives together but maintains boundaries: ‘Not like Salman knows everything about...'
Arbaaz Khan-Salman Khan

Last Updated: 09.59 PM, Apr 17, 2024


Salman Khan is currently all over the news for an unfortunate incident that took place outside his Bandra residence. Two men on a bike shot outside his house in the early hours of April 14. After the incident, Salman's brother and actor Arbaaz Khan released a statement on his family's behalf. Now, in a new interview, Arbaaz opened up that besides the fact that the entire Khan family lives together, they don't stay updated on all the details about each other. He also mentioned that Salman doesn't know everything about his life and vice versa. 

Arbaaz Khan says the Khan family lives together but maintains boundaries

Arbaaz revealed that people think that everyone in the Khan family is always aware of each other's personal and professional lives but that's not how it is. In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Arbaaz said, "I think most of us also lead very personal lives. We all live together but it’s not like Salman knows everything about me, or I know everything about Salman. And it is not necessary that we know everything about each other. Because even when it is your own brother, his personal life is personal. His professional decisions, financial decisions, should be his own."

The actor further added that there needs to be boundaries amongst siblings and family and they maintain that. However, he also mentioned that the family is always there for each other's support, be it professionally, emotionally, or financially. "Whoever is in a position to do something for the other person, we do it because that’s what is family is there for, to be there for each other. But we don’t impose ourselves on each other. We don’t even have too many expectations that since he is my brother he has to do something for me," he said.

Speaking further about how the Khan brothers help each other grow professionally, Arbaaz Khan said that whenever they work on a project, they make sure that not just one person, but everyone who is involved in the project must benefit from it. Giving an example of the film Dabangg, he said, "Like if I took Dabangg to Salman, it not only made my career as a producer, but it benefitted him as well. So that’s how we work."

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