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Aritra Sen on Ghore Pherar Gaan: We waited for a window that is less crowded with films

The film which features Ishaa Saha and Parambrata Chatterjee was dropped on March 17

Aritra Sen on Ghore Pherar Gaan: We waited for a window that is less crowded with films
Aritra Sen

Last Updated: 06.14 PM, Mar 17, 2023


Aritra Sen’s debut feature film Ghore Pherar Gaan is set to hit the theatre. The film which features Ishaa Saha and Parambrata Chatterjee in the lead delves into the life of a woman, played by Ishaa, who goes to a new country after marriage. It is about her isolation and finding her passion, music. The film is billed as a musical love story and national Award-winning musician Prabuddha Banerjee has composed the music for the film. 

While talking to OTTplay, Aritra admitted that he is a tad nervous. “This is my directorial debut on the big screen. Hence, a little tense,” he said. 


The shooting of the film was completed one year ago and it took quite a while to release the film. “There are two reasons for this delay. First, since it is a musical, it required a little more postproduction work. We shot in London and the music and postproduction happened here. Hence that took a little time. However, that was also done. The second, and the most important, reason is that we wanted a small window that is less crowded. Parambrata had a lot of releases – Manabjamin, Doctor Bakshi, and so on. Before that, there was Boudi Canteen. We wanted a space where there are not many films. March seemed to be a perfect time.

Besides playing the male lead, Parambrata is also Aritra’s partner in their production company. “Parambrata was my first choice for Imran. Since Imran is a musician, I wanted an actor with a music background. Just a surface-level idea wouldn’t work. Hence, Param fitted the character very well,” said the director.

Ghore Pherar Gaan is essentially the journey of the female protagonist, Tora. She gets married to an influential NRI family. She goes to London and feels uprooted from her comfort zone. Ishaa plays the character of Tora. 

This is the second time Aritra worked with Ishaa. They collaborated on a web series on Zee5. “Ishaa did a number of workshops with us. After the first two days, it became a cakewalk working with her. She understood what I wanted in no time,” he said. 

Aritra also explained that since the shooting took place in an outdoor location, there were no diversions for the cast and crew members. “Since it was shot in London, none of us had any distraction from other works. Everyone focused on the film. The actors concentrated on the characters more,” the director explained. 

While there were benefits of the outdoor locations, the team faced challenges also. “It was biting cold during the time of the shooting and we had to cope with that. Also, Bengali films have a limited budget and we targetted to explore London. That was a bit of a challenge. Also, we worked with artistes from the UK. Besides, the music was being composed here in Kolkata and we had to hire musicians there. Working with them, and understanding their work and style also was challenging. But finally, we did it,” Aritra signed off. 

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