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Arnold: Did you know that the Terminator-star had once changed his name?

A three-part documentary chronicling Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life from being a bodybuilder to actor to politician will drop on Netflix on June 7

Arnold: Did you know that the Terminator-star had once changed his name?
The three-part documentary on Arnold Schwarzenegger's life will drop on Netflix on June 7

Last Updated: 06.04 PM, Jun 06, 2023


Arnold Schwarzenegger is a name that pretty much everyone’s heard of in some capacity at some point in time. But if his debut movie, Hercules in New York (1970) had worked at the box office, perhaps, we would have known him by another name after all.

Austrian-born Arnold was a popular bodybuilder, who’d even won a Mr Universe title, after which he wanted to make the transition to showbiz. The team behind Hercules encouraged him to change his name to Arnold Strong, but that didn’t help his chances and the film failed miserably. The fact that he struggled with English and had a thick Austrian accent didn’t help his cause either and for nearly five years, he went without major film offers doing only a bunch of uncredited cameos, until, of course, the role in Conan: The Barbarian came by. Back to his original name, Conan became Arnold’s first major break in 1982 and only two years later, he was the star of James Cameron’s Terminator, a franchise that is synonymous with him.


In the three-part documentary Arnold, which is dropping on Netflix on June 7, the streamer’s new Chief Action Officer, who also recently made his web series debut with Fubar, will discuss his days as a bodybuilder to becoming an actor, and much later a politician, among others. Arnold will also touch upon how his career choices took a toll on his personal life.

Considering Arnold’s current role with the streamer and the fact that the documentary comes close on the heels of the release of Fubar, it remains to be seen how balanced it eventually is in showing us the good, bad and ugly side of the former governor of California.

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