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As My Dear Donga trends on Aha, Shalini Kondepudi's dual efforts become a talking point

My Dear Donga features Shalini Kondepudi as the female lead. She has also penned the story of the romantic comedy. 

As My Dear Donga trends on Aha, Shalini Kondepudi's dual efforts become a talking point

Shalini Kondepudi

Last Updated: 06.12 PM, Apr 21, 2024


My Dear Donga is Aha's latest release which has caught the attention of one and all. The film stars Abhinav Gomatam and Shalini Kondepudi in lead roles and is about a robber falling in love with the owner of the house which he barges into for theft. This unique theme has caught the attention of many and has become a talking point ever since it came out on Aha.

Shalini Kondepudi impresses one and all with My Dear Donga

Not many know that Shalini Kondepudi, the female lead, also penned the script for this youthful drama. The young actress is all over the news for her sincere performance and effortless writing in the film. My Dear Donga also deals with human relationships and how small things done by one can save a relationship from breaking up. Abhinav Gomatam also plays a key role in the film, and his performance has also been appreciated by the critics.

My Dear Donga poster
My Dear Donga poster

Shalini plays the role of Sujatha, who is neglected by her boyfriend. How she finds solace in a robber played by Abhinav Gomatam is showcased in a very endearing manner in the film. Shalini not only looks beautiful but the way she has penned the story is one of the highlights of the film.

Who is Shalini Kondepudi?

In no time, her name has gone viral in the industry circles and popular producers have started enquiring about her. As Shalini can write and also act, she is a deadly combo, according to a few producers in Telugu cinema. In the recent past, Siddhu Jonnalagadda penned the story of Tillu Square and also acted in the film and became a superstar of sorts.


Shalini is drawing a lot of attention after the release of My Dear Donga. Going back in time, Shalini Kondepudi is the founder and creative director of Nutshell Advertising. She previously worked at My Dream Cinema as an assistant director and has made heads turn with My Dear Donga. We need to see how she handles her career from here on.

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