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My Dear Donga Review - The Abhinav Gomatam starrer is a breezy and feel-good romantic drama

My Dear Donga Review: The Abhinav Gomatam-starrer is all about doing small things to keep your partner happy in a relationship. 

My Dear Donga Review - The Abhinav Gomatam starrer is a breezy and feel-good romantic drama

My Dear Donga

Last Updated: 02.37 PM, Apr 19, 2024


My Dear Donga Story

Sujatha (Shalini Kondepudi) is in a relationship with Vishal (Nikhil Gajula), who is a doctor and always ignores her. One fine day, Shalini comes to know the real intentions of Vishal and comes home in a very disappointed state. She gets the shock of her life when she finds a robber named Suresh (Abhinav Gomatam) inside her house. She panics, but Suresh makes her understand his real intention behind him barging into her house. As the conversation grows, Sujatha finds her problems similar to his and feels connected to Suresh. This is the time Vishal makes an entry to wish Sujatha, as it is her birthday. What will happen now? Does Sujatha reveal Suresh's identity to her boyfriend? How Suresh helps Sujatha out of her problems is the basic story of the film.

My Dear Donga Review

The special aspect of My Dear Donga is that Shalini herself has penned the script. The backdrop of one falling for a thief who has come home to rob looks interesting. More than the story, the film has many relatable moments that connect with the younger audience right away. The film basically deals with today's relationships and how fragile they are.

Also, the film showcases quite well how a small gesture by a stranger turns things dramatic for the one in pain. Since Shalini has written the script, her character is quite impressive. The manner in which she is ignored in love, how a robber comes to her rescue, and how vulnerable she is when it comes to emotions are showcased well in the film.

My Dear Donga has many humorous moments that have been executed quite well. The situational comedy that is generated when Sujatha's boyfriend meets the robber is handled impressively. A scene where the character of Divya Sripada asks the robber which school he and Sujatha went to together and how Abhinav responds to it is hilarious. 

aha's My Dear Donga
aha's My Dear Donga

The manner in which the robber celebrates Sujatha's birthday when she is in a low phase in life and the reactions thereafter are all showcased in a lovely manner. When it comes to the performances, Shalini Kondepudi is the mainstay of the film and impresses big time. She gets a lot of scope to showcase her acting prowess and the young actor impresses with her performance and writing capabilities.

Abhinav Gomatam is a solid actor, and the manner in which he chooses roles is superb. He, as the robber Suresh, fits the bill perfectly. One needs a lot of talent to make us believe in the character he plays, and it was quite difficult for Abhinav to pull off the role of a robber as he needed to convince the audience of his real intentions without going overboard. Abhinav is top-notch in this department.


Divya Sripada is also decent in her role. The actor who played the role of Vishal was also neat in the film. Ajay Arasada's music is nothing great to talk about. His BGM could have also been a lot better. The camerawork is just about okay, and so is the production. The dialogue is good and the screenplay is impressive.

The idea of falling in love with a stranger looks weird but is nicely showcased by the director, Sarwagna Kumar. His narration has many sweet moments. My Dear Donga is more about doing small things in a relationship to make your partner happy. The film has an underlying message for the youth, which is unleashed in a very subtle manner, and this is the best part.

My Dear Donga Verdict

On the whole, it is a fun, youthful drama that strikes a chord with the younger generation. Though the film starts on a weird note, the arresting screenplay and feel-good moments hold your attention and makes it a breezy watch this weekend on aha.

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