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As Panchayat Season 3 continues to peak anticipation, let’s take a look at 5 best scenes from season 2

Panchayat stars Jitendra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav and Neena Gupta in the lead and streams on Amazon Prime Video. 

As Panchayat Season 3 continues to peak anticipation, let’s take a look at 5 best scenes from season 2
Panchayat Stills

Last Updated: 07.29 PM, Dec 08, 2023


The COVID-19 pandemic gripped and shut down the world in April 2020. Amid lighting lamps, banging plates, and waiting for a cure, the fear of never being able to go back to a normal world had us worried. Amid this disaster came a show that was a welcome distraction. It carried with it a hope that the simplicity of normalcy and warmth of community await at the other end of the rather ghastly tunnel. Yes, we are talking about the show Panchayat. 

The Amazon Prime Video series, which starred Jitendra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav, and Neena Gupta in the lead roles, entered our lives at a time when we needed something to take our minds off the ticker on every news channel that showed the rise in the number of people affected by the virus. Panchayat was about an aspirational man wanting to achieve a dream but fate pushes him in the opposite direction. 

As we eagerly wait for the third season of Panchayat, Panchayat 2 has won the Best Series Award at the International Film Festival of India in Goa. As we celebrate the feat and await the new season, let's take a look at the five best scenes from the second season of the show: 

Wisdom From A Local Dancer

Panchayat embraces everything that rural India has to offer. In one of the most moving episodes of season 2, we saw Sachiv (Jitendra) meet a girl from a dancing troop (popularly known as Nach in rural India). After seeing how people treat her and the dirty gazes that she has to suffer, he asks her why she chose to be a street dancer. She teaches him a big life lesson: she tells him that, much like her, even he has chosen a profession as a result of certain life circumstances. 

Sachiv Ji Stands By Pradhan

The Pradhan (Raghubir) and Sachiv dynamic is at the heart of Panchayat. Their gradual progress towards coming to each other’s rescue is the essence of their entire relationship. So, when Bhushan, a new character, tries to create a rift between them and bullies Sachiv, the latter stands strong and gives it back to him. 

Pradhan Shows The Ladkewalas Their Place

Panchayat speaks about social stigma, winning our hearts every single time it is fought on the show. When Pradhanji’s daughter was to be married to a man whose family looked down on her family, someone had to show them their place and make them realise that the tantrums they were throwing were too tall an order. Pradhanji, in a very key moment on the show, blasts the groom’s family, making them run away. The scene will remain a highlight of the show. 

Panchayat Still
Panchayat Still

Pradhan Ji Stands Against The Vidhayak

Pradhanji schooling people can be a spin-off to the show and many of us will willingly watch it. When the rude Vidhayak calls for a meeting and starts insulting them, Pradhanji comes looking for redemption. In no time, he stands tall and tells Vidhayak to mind his language. While Vidhayak ultimately kicks them out, Pradhan still wins a brownie point in Sachivji’s eyes.  


The Tragedy And The Sacrifice

Prahlad has been one of the most mysterious characters on the show. The man came to the forefront and broke us down when he lost his son, who was in the army. The moment will haunt every Panchayat fan forever and the conversation between the officers about why rural youngsters chose the army will only make you realise the situation.

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