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As Undekhi season 3 continues to trend on OTT, here’s decoding who Heli Daruwala’s Geet was

Heli Daruwala’s Geet started and ended her journey with Undekhi season 3.

As Undekhi season 3 continues to trend on OTT, here’s decoding who Heli Daruwala’s Geet was
Undekhi 3

Last Updated: 12.56 PM, May 28, 2024


Undekhi season 3 introduced many new characters. Most of them brought about twists on the show, but some met their tragic ends in the season. Heli Daruwala’s Geet was among those who saw the end of her character on the show. Geet had a lot of mysteries hidden, and we decode them.

Geet, the caretaker aka spy

Geet was brought in as Surinder Atwal aka Papaji’s caretaker. She was close to Shivangi Singh’s Muskaan, and against Aanchal Singh’s Teji Grewal. While Geet and Muskaan discouraged Papaji’s bad habits, Teji encouraged them all. Thus, Geet became a favourite among the murderers inside the family.

What none of them know is that she is actually a spy who got into the family to give her team information on the case against Papaji. The same gets revealed later on the show, only for bad consequences.

‘Unlucky’ Lucky’s lover

Honestly, there isn’t anybody as unlucky as Lucky when it comes to Undekhi. He lost his brother, and this time around, he even lost his lover.

Geet fell in love with Lucky. While it was initially a part of her plan, she actually fell in love and wanted to save Lucky. Being loyal to the threatening Rinku Atwal (Surya Sharma), Lucky was at crossroads about what to do, that is till it was very late for a decision. Lucky could not run away with Geet. They could not start a life together, as planned.

The expose

Geet, who is under strict supervision, did not get time to meet her team. She met a member in a market, and got caught, twice. Bua Atwal (Shivaani Sopuri) saw her from a car and called out to her. Fearing that her cover would get exposed (and Bua would see her team member), Geet chose to run away. What she did not know was that someone was observing it all. Dibyendu Bhattacharya’s DSP Barun Ghosh, closely involved with the case, wanted in. She did not budge. Thus, he had to kidnap her to get more details out. This raised further suspicion among the Atwals.

Undekhi 3
Undekhi 3

Her death

Rinku’s (former) wife Muskaan proved to be just as cold and heartless as him. Despite being close to Geet, she chose to abduct her, tie her up and get the woman thrashed. She even hinted that Geet could be r*p*d if that’s the need. Muskaan’s motive was her loyalty towards her husband and disgust over anybody who tried to harm him or the Atwal family. Geet ended up being among those, and was not spared. Seeing her molested, Lucky decided to end Geet’s life in front of Rinku. In private, he made sure that she gets to bid goodbye with proper respect. With that, Geet’s story began and ended with season 3.

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