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Asif Ali: Maheshum Marutiyum was going to be titled ‘Maheshum Gouriyum’, which was changed because…

The film stars Asif Ali and Mamta Mohandas in lead roles.

Asif Ali: Maheshum Marutiyum was going to be titled ‘Maheshum Gouriyum’, which was changed because…

Last Updated: 01.52 PM, Mar 08, 2023


Asif Ali and Mamta Mohandas are all set to take the silver screen by storm yet again in their latest collaboration, in the form of Maheshum Marutiyum. The upcoming film promises to be one of the quirkiest love stories in the duo’s career, featuring them playing characters who seem to be involved in a love triangle with a Maruti 800 car. In a recent interview, Asif opened up about how the importance of the car’s role in the film even led to its title being changed.

In the film, Asif and Mamta play Mahesh and Gauri, and the film explores the duo’s romance, as well as the importance the car has in different phases of Mahesh’s life. In an interview with Kairali TV, Asif revealed “The film was initially going to be called Maheshum Gouriyum. But after reading the script in its entirety, we realised that Mahesh seemed to love his Maruti car more than Gouri, so we changed the title to Maheshum Marutiyum.

Mamta, who was also present at the interview, joked that she ought to leave, and Asif quipped that they wished they could bring the Maruti car to the interview as well. Asif went on to say that anyone who has ever felt a deep attachment towards their vehicle could easily relate to the content of the film. The film also parallelly focuses on the changes that took place in an Indian household with the arrival of the Maruti 800, which was their first car for many people in the country.

In addition to Mamta and Asif, the upcoming film also stars Varun Dhara, Vijay Babu, Dr Rony David Raj, Premkumar, Idavela Babu, Prashanth Alexander, Kunchan, Manu Raj and Divya. Maniyanpilla Raju has produced the film, written and directed by Sethu.

Maheshum Marutiyum will hit the big screens on March 10, 2023.

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