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AskSRK: Shah Rukh Khan’s sassy replies in today’s session wins the internet!

With just a handful of days remaining for the release of ‘Jawan’, Shah Rukh Khan conducted a AskSRK session with all his fans and followers on social media

AskSRK: Shah Rukh Khan’s sassy replies in today’s session wins the internet!
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Last Updated: 05.06 PM, Sep 03, 2023


With the release of ‘Jawan’ just a few days from now, the film’s makers are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the film is a roaring success at the box-office. Ditto for the film’s hero Shah Rukh Khan. As and when he gets time, he ensures that he does a ‘AskSRK’ session with him, through which he not only replies to his fan’s questions, but also repeatedly wins the hearts of everyone alike with his utmost sassy replies.

As for the film ‘Jawan’, it is being readied for a theatrical release on September 7, 2023. Besides Shah Rukh Khan, the film stars Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi in the lead roles. The film has been directed by the southern whiz kid Atlee.

As for the AskSRK session that Shah Rukh Khan had conducted today, here’s presenting a compilation of some of the top sassy replies from Shah Rukh Khan to the users. A user posted a photograph of a giant cut-out of the actor and asked, “Sir cutout kaisa laga? #AskSRK. To which, Shah Rukh Khan replied, “Lagta hai maine bahut badi heels pehni hain!! Thank u. #Jawan

A user messaged a video that showed him ‘getting into a masked version’ of Shah Rukh Khan. He wrote, #AskSrk @iamsrk #AskSrk khan sir I tried to recreate this your Jawan mask look …how’s it?? Please reply”. Pat came the reply from the King Khan who said, “Yeah I have seen it. Really like it. Thanks now go see the movie like this only. #Jawan”.

A user messaged Shah Rukh Khan with his photograph that had him garlanded with movie tickets of ‘Jawan’. The user messaged, “Booked audi for #Jawan sir. Going with my 36 girlfriends , 72 ex Gfs & 80 friends. #AskSRK @iamsrk”. To which, Shah Rukh Khan replied, “Wah bhai teri toh Jawani phoot phoot kar chamak rahi hai!!! Ha ha Aish kar. #Jawan”

Someone actually asked Shah Rukh Khan, “#Jawan ka Kitna Booking Cooperate hai aur Kitna real? #AskSRK”. To which, King Khan replied, ‘Yeh social media waali ghatia baatein mat karo yaar. Have positive thoughts and good feelings for all. Better for life. #Jawan’

A certain Palash asked Shah Rukh Khan, “Would the massive success of a mass entertainers like #Jawan disinterest from an outstanding experiments like a Fan or Zero? Or would the actor's itch not go away? #AskSRK 5”. To which, the ‘jawan’ actor replied, “Lots of actor’s itch in #Jawan also gets scratched my man”

When a user named Azhar Khan asked Shah Rukh Khan, “Sir Aap Raat me bhi Sunglasses Q pahente ho ? #AskSRK”, pat came the reply from Khan who said, “As I have said before….the Sun never stops shining on me with God’s grace. #Jawan”

A user made a photo collage of all the songs of Shah Rukh Khan and asked him, “How was you feeling to dance on the streets of mumbai after so many years??! #AskSRK”. To which, Shah Rukh Khan, in his trademark sassiness replied, “Jaise apne ghar mein dance kar raha hoon…felt like home as always. #Jawan”.

One user posted, “@iamsrk #AskSRK #Jawan advanced booked tickets of jawan with my wife in Hong Kong. Feeling Excited !! Please give us one spoiler before the release?”. As a reply, Shah Rukh Khan said, “Just don’t miss the beginning please. Be on time…#Jawan”.

Then, there was a user who asked for a free ticket for his girlfriend! He posted, “Can you offer free ticket of #Jawaan for my gf? I am nikkama bf... #AskSRK @iamsrk”. The ‘Jawan’ actor said, “Free mein pyaar deta hoon bhai….ticket ke toh paise hi lagenge!! Don’t be cheap in romance go and buy the ticket…and take her with u. #Jawan”.

A user posted his bald look along with his ‘non-bald’ friend. The user posted, “#AskSRK Got bald look for Jawan, how's the look?. To which, Shah Rukh khan replied, “Wow!! Doosre wale ka kya?? Uska bhi karwao na! #Jawan

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