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Atlee reveals the 'real reason' why Shah Rukh Khan agreed to work with an all-Tamil crew for Jawan song Zinda Banda in Chennai

Atlee revealed that when he proposed shooting the Zinda Banda song in Chennai, Shah Rukh Khan was supportive. All the details are here

Atlee reveals the 'real reason' why Shah Rukh Khan agreed to work with an all-Tamil crew for Jawan song Zinda Banda in Chennai
Jawan song Zinda Banda

Last Updated: 07.47 PM, Nov 14, 2023


With Jawan, Shah Rukh Khan made box office history. Within eighteen days of its premiere, the movie has joined the Rs. 1000 crore club. The Atlee-directed movie became the second of SRK's films to make more than Rs 1000 crore, with a global box office total of Rs 1004.92 crore in less than three weeks. Pathaan was the first movie that came out this year.

In an interview with TV presenter Gopinath, director Atlee, who is currently enjoying the success of his movie, revealed that Shah Rukh Khan was happy to work with a Tamil crew. He said that SRK agreed to shoot the Zinda Banda song in Chennai with Atlee, despite the fact that filming in Tamil Nadu would have cost an astounding Rs 10 crore more.

The filmmaker also revealed that they were in Bombay to shoot this movie and it was a massive prison set with a 45-day schedule. Thus, it would require between Rs 60 and Rs 65 crore. Thus, King Khan informed Atlee that they would film that in Bombay. "So, when he told me we would shoot that in Bombay, I told him it would be very helpful for me, my unit, and my dancers if we shot it in Chennai,” said Atlee.

According to Atlee, the superstar informed him he didn't need to be persuaded. SRK informed him that recording a song in Chennai would be the ideal opportunity for him to give back to the people of Chennai, given his success as a director.

Atlee revealed that the Jawan star told him, “You don’t have to convince me. I have brought you from that place, where you have been a hit director. If you want to give it back to them, this is the best way. It will also be kind of a thanksgiving from my side." Atlee further revealed, "I thought he was just kidding. If the film was shot in Chennai, we have to pay triple ‘bata’ to the members. For no reason, the cost would go up by Rs 10 crore. But he said okay to it. And I believe that’s the reason the film worked well here (Tamil Nadu).”

About Atlee's upcoming project

Atlee is now writing the screenplay for a movie starring Vijay and Shah Rukh Khan since the two actors have decided to collaborate on a project. Atlee revealed that it might be his next movie.

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