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Avantika Vandanapu speaks about how the industry looks down upon girls who cry

Actress Avantika Vandanapu will feature in Pooja Bhatt-starrer Big Girls Don’t Cry on Amazon Prime Video

Avantika Vandanapu speaks about how the industry looks down upon girls who cry
Avantika Vandanapu

Last Updated: 01.14 PM, Mar 13, 2024


Avantika Vandanapu has become an internet sensation after her portrayal of Karen Shetty in the recently released film Mean Girls. Now, the actress is making her Hindi acting debut with Big Girls Don’t Cry, produced by Amazon Prime Video. Avantika, who is busy promoting the Pooja Bhatt-starrer series, recently spoke about how the industry looks down upon girls who cry, and it is so easy to get exploited in this industry.

Avantika on women’s exploitation

During an interview with Bollywood Bubble, the star cast was asked if they got to hear the phrase, ‘big girls don’t cry’, during this initial phase of their career. Avantika replied that the notion of crying is very interesting in this industry because a girl can cry, but it is seen as a sign of weakness and it’s so easy to be exploited as a woman in this industry. She added that it makes someone so hesitant to show any kind of vulnerability.

Avantika also stated that crying is seen as a temper tantrum or being difficult or being not comprising. She added that there is this fine line of setting your own boundaries but also being complicit and being okay with everything. The actress said that all of it is so difficult to manage and that she is new to the Indian film industry and her co-stars (Dalai and Afrah) have been working for a while and it was comforting for her to feel that warmth from others.

What is it like to be loved?

Adding to Avantika’s statements, her BGDC co-star Akshita added that there is this completely new level of understanding between women.  She believes that to be loved is to be seen and be understood by people and that is what all of her co-stars gave her. And all of the cast, along with Nitya Mehra and Pooja Bhatt, agreed to this. Adding to Akshita’s statement, actress Dalai said that to be loved is to be known.

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