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Ayesha Khan’s brother defies Salman Khan’s claims, reveals Munawar Faruqui wanted to jointly enter Bigg Boss 17 with her

Ayesha Khan’s brother and Munawar Faruqui also spoke during Bigg Boss 17

Ayesha Khan’s brother defies Salman Khan’s claims, reveals Munawar Faruqui wanted to jointly enter Bigg Boss 17 with her
Munawar Faruqui and Ayesha Khan. (Courtesy: Colors PR)

Last Updated: 04.49 PM, Jan 13, 2024


Ayesha Khan’s brother came to her support during family week on Bigg Boss 17. It was during this time that he ended up making some big revelations. The biggest of them was of how Munawar Faruqui wanted to enter the show with her. Stating the same, he defied Salman Khan’s claims that Ayesha is on the show for fame.

Ayesha Khan’s brother comes to her defence

Ayesha Khan’s brother Shahbaaz entered Bigg Boss 17 and spoke to her about how she looks in the outside world. He said that there are haters and lovers but more importantly, he went on to reveal that Munawar Faruqui had invited her to join Bigg Boss 17 when he was going to enter the show. “If you wanted fame, you wouldn’t have refused it back then, right,” he was heard saying. Ayesha almost asked him to let go of the matter. Later, Shahbaaz approached Munawar, who asked for forgiveness. Shahbaaz said he was disappointed in Munawar and tried to understand what Munawar feels about Ayesha.

Salman had bashed Ayesha

Salman Khan had bashed Ayesha on Weekend Ka Vaar. He said that she is on the show for fame. If she wanted to clear something with Munawar, which was anyway personal and it was cleared right after her entering the show, then he questioned what is she doing on the show. Salman said that a true woman in love would wait for her man to come outside of the show to clear things up, which Ayesha did not do. Thus, he told Munawar that Ayesha is on the show for her sake and her fame, not for his.

Ayesha Khan’s entry

Ayesha had entered Bigg Boss 17 with the claim that Munawar Faruqui was two-timing her with Nazila Sitaishi. She told the media the same thing outside the house and upon her entry, she started interrogating Munawar. The latter tried to avoid the topic and then, in a softer voice, he cleared that he had broken up with Nazila when he approached her but owing to some situation, he and Nazila would talk. Munawar and Ayesha have been clear since that they do not love each other but they spend all their time together. Munawar has even gone to state that he would like to go out and correct things with Nazila.

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