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Baanadariyalli: Gold Fish was my first choreographed song and I was anxious shooting for it, says Rukmini Vasanth

The actress joined her co-star Reeshma Nanaiah in an Instagram live to share some glimpses into the making of the film that has Ganesh in the lead.

Baanadariyalli: Gold Fish was my first choreographed song and I was anxious shooting for it, says Rukmini Vasanth
Rukmini Vasanth in the song

Last Updated: 08.24 PM, Feb 16, 2023


Rukmini Vasanth is currently in the midst of a schedule for Sapta Sagaradaache Ello with Rakshit Shetty, but given that her next, Baanadariyalli, is up for release shortly, she is also making sure to promote it in whatever way she can. From the confines of her on-set vanity van, Rukmini joined her co-star Reeshma Nanaiah to talk about the film.


The two actresses chatted among themselves for a while, during which Reeshma said that of the two songs from the film that have been released, Gold Fish is her favourite. Speaking about the song, Rukmini said, “Gold Fish is my first-ever choreographed number and I was anxious shooting for it. In fact, only days before we shot Gold Fish, Reeshma’s song Gully Boy from Raana came out and seeing how great a dancer she is gave me even more jitters.”


As for her character in the film, Rukmini said that she plays Leela, a swim instructor and avid surfer. Surfing, she adds, is a skill that she picked up specifically for Baanadariyalli. “When Preetham (Gubbi) sir approached me for the role of Leela, the first thing he said is that he would need me to learn surfing, as he was not keen on super-imposing my face on a body double. I saw it as an opportunity to learn something new and said okay, after which I was sent to Mulki for a five-day session. I like the song Ninnanu Nodida better because it has visuals of me surfing,” says Rukmini.

Although she learnt and now loves surfing, shooting those sequences were not easy. “If Preetham decides to release behind-the-scene footage of me falling off the board, I think he can make an entire film with that,” laughs Rukmini adding, “Surfing is something that I really enjoy and I intend to continue practising it.”

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