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Badland Hunters teaser trailer- Don Lee chops crocodiles like a chef in dystopian wasteland

Netflix is here with another promising South Korean disaster thriller. Led by Don Lee, the film's teaser, which was dropped an hour ago, has already garnered quite a buzz for its gory action scenes.

Badland Hunters teaser trailer- Don Lee chops crocodiles like a chef in dystopian wasteland
A still from the teaser of Badland Hunters

Last Updated: 09.12 AM, Jan 02, 2024


Badland Hunters is among the latest additions to the gem-encrusted Korean cinema crown of Netflix. Directed by action connoisseur Heo Hyeong Haeng, its screenplay was written by Kwak Jae Min and Kim Bo Tong. The film is being produced by Climax Studios, Big Punch Entertainment, and Nova Films, while Netflix owns the distribution rights.

The film features the starry likes of Train to Busan and Marvel’s Eternals fame Don Lee, also known as Ma Dong Seok, Vincenzo and Murder DIEary renown Lee Hee Jun, Mask Girl actor Lee Jun Young, and Our Beloved Summer actress Roh Jeong Eui. Badland Hunters will be dropping on January 26, 2024.


The teaser offers a passing but promising glimpse at what appears to be a gory but fun disaster thriller. Give Don Lee a suitable premise, and he will chop massive, raging crocodiles like he was born to do it or had been trained in a specialised culinary school for it.

With saucy slashes and gaping gun shots, Don Lee as Nam San, a relentless wasteland hunter who strives for survival, leaves a trail of bodies. Anyone who dares oppose his or his team’s sustenance is in for it, be it swampy monsters or armed militants.

Badland Hunters is set in post-apocalyptic Seoul, in which a massive earthquake has ravaged the city, decimating sky-high structures, destroying nearly all forms of habitation, and almost wiping off all vegetation. Most humans have died, and a handful remain in various stages of ruin and vulnerability.

This leaves the survivors in a mad frenzy for shelter and nourishment, descending into chaos or plain brawls at times that might result in bruised knuckles or bloody corpses. In the film, wasteland hunter Nam San is joined by Yang Gi Sun (Lee Hee Jun) and Choi Ji Wan (Lee Jun Young) as they attempt to survive the hellish wasteland that civilization has become.

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