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Badland Hunters trailer- Don Lee might just save the Earth from zombies and cataclysm, singlehandedly!

Badland Hunters is an upcoming Korean zombie thriller, with a unique twist on it. The film dropped its trailer today, which was electrifying and tantalizing, thanks to its action sequence.

Badland Hunters trailer- Don Lee might just save the Earth from zombies and cataclysm, singlehandedly!
A still from the teaser of Badland Hunters

Last Updated: 09.13 AM, Jan 12, 2024


Martial art director cum filmmaker Heo Hyeong Haeng is back with another high-stakes, action-packed film. Badland Hunters is going to be among the latest addition to Netflix’s burgeoning list of iconic and unforgettable Korean dramas and Cinema.

The film is going to drop on Netflix on January 26, 2024, and decided to release its trailer today, in order to give viewers a sample of the treat to follow. Badland Hunters’ trailer is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where a devastating earthquake has shattered the spine of Seoul. The city also got infected with a strange variety of undead people, aka zombies.


There is little hope for the survivors, except for a mythical doctor, who survived the earthquake. However, a dystopic Seoul is never simple, with gangs of survivors stirring up trouble, the undead attacking in hordes, and secrets being revealed.

Don Lee, whose name actually is Ma Dong Seok, is a visual treat in the trailer, especially after shooting to global fame with his international debut in Marvel’s Eternals. He is a one-man tank in the film, maintaining his stoic armor with occasional somber punchlines that will make you crack a rueful smile while Lee cracks walls, bones, and skulls.

But Don Lee, as Nam San in the film, is not doing it for fun or to be the tougher dude of the Seoul wasteland. All he wants to ensure is survival, for himself as well as his ragtag team of survivors. But in order to do that, he must fight against a massive force of undead, to reach Doctor Yang Gi Su, who is not as benevolent as he initially seems.

Badland Hunters’ trailer slowly unveils a peek at the deranged doctor’s madcap experiments and hints at his hand behind the entire undead problem. He has kept a young teen imprisoned with him, experimenting and tormenting her for his own purpose.

And Nam San, in his typical intercom-smashing style makes a smashing entry, into his fortress, determined to ‘just walk away alive’ after the entire rescue mission ordeal has ended. Aided by his team members, the characters essayed by Lee Jun Young and Roh Jeong Eui, Don Lee’s Nam San forges a path through the thronging hordes of zombies and gritty survivors.

Though the trailer makes use of Don Lee’s broad shoulders and brute-strength visual, it is unclear if he, or his team, will make it till the end. Since no mention of a cure or safe haven has been there in the trailer, one can only assume that the doctor is not sullying his soul for nothing with his exploits and will have something ready for Nam San and his team to extract from his place of residence, after disposing of him, of course!

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