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Baghead Trailer- Freya Allan loses her crown and dons the cap of an entity infested pub’s owner

The 2017 Alberto Corredor short film Baghead is finally receiving a full-length feature film of the same name. The horror feature, releasing on December 28, 2023, has finally dropped its trailer.

Baghead Trailer- Freya Allan loses her crown and dons the cap of an entity infested pub’s owner
Baghead trailer

Last Updated: 11.04 PM, Dec 08, 2023


The trailer for Baghead is finally here, and things seem promising for horror fans. The 2017 short film of Alberto Corredor has finally been developed into a full-length feature by Studiocanal, who had acquired rights to the film in 2019. Dropping on December 6, the trailer featured a stellar cast and a chilling plot.


The trailer begins with a menacing soundtrack that traces the story of a young lady, Iris, played by Freya Allan, who inherits a run-down, ancient pub from her estranged father. With very little time spent with her father, a hesitant Iris accepts the offer and signs the necessary papers, an ominous heartbeat being heard in the background.

The catch of the inheritance catches up with Iris and her best friend Katie when they come across a video left behind by her dad, with a specific set of instructions on how to control a secret, demonic entity that is trapped in the pub’s basement. The appeal of the entity being its power to let people communicate with the dead, in exchange of something from them.

Thinking she can control the entity, known as Baghead, and help people, Iris agrees to let a grief-stricken widower, Neil, talk to his dead wife, to deadly consequences. Her father had given her a strict warning about not letting an interaction with the dead exceed two minutes, else she would gain control, and to never let Baghead out of the basement.

However, things go wrong, and the trailer maintains its pace by packing it with jump scares and suspenseful shots as Iris and the audience come face to face with the monster underneath the bag. Now it is upto Iris, Katie and Neil to race against Baghead and destroy her, before she finishes them. Freya Allan as Iris is a refreshing touch to the film’s genre and plot, as she maintains consistent restraint yet expressive eyes throughout the trailer.

Baghead stars Witcher-fame Freya ‘Princess Cirilla of Cintra’ Allan, Bridgerton’s Ruby Barker as her best friend Katie, Peter Mullan as Iris’s father, and Jeremy Irvine as Neil. The film also stars Saffron Burrows, Ned Dennehy, Julika Jenkins, and Svenja Jung. The film will be releasing in Germany on December 28, 2023, while it will hit international theatres January 2024 onward.

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