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Barbie – Oversimplified feminism? This is how America Ferrera reacts, ‘People need feminism 101…’

Barbie achieved remarkable success by becoming the first and only movie directed by a woman to reach the billion-dollar mark at the global box office

Barbie – Oversimplified feminism? This is how America Ferrera reacts, ‘People need feminism 101…’

America Ferrera, Still from Barbie

Last Updated: 08.43 AM, Jan 03, 2024


Last year, Barbie achieved remarkable commercial success, shattering box office records and becoming the first solo female-directed movie to reach the billion-dollar mark globally. Its $1.4 billion haul defied expectations and even surpassed Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated historical thriller, Oppenheimer.

However, the film's critical reception was mixed. While praised for its vibrant visuals, humour, and empowering message, it also faced criticism for its perceived target audience and some stereotypical gender themes. Notably, some male viewers expressed reluctance to watch the film, contributing to discussions about gender bias in film choices.

Barbie's Golden Globe nominations

Despite huge criticism, Greta Gerwig directorial becomes the queen of the 81st Golden Globe nominations, sweeping the competition with a dazzling nine nods. It reigned supreme in the Best Picture Musical or Comedy category, a tribute to its vibrant blend of humour and heart.

America Ferrera's Golden Globe nomination

Even America Ferrera, who played Gloria in the live-action, achieved a nomination for the Best Supporting Actress category. In the film, Gloria speaks out strongly about the unfair things women have to deal with every day. Her words have gotten some people saying it's like putting feminism in a nutshell, making it look too simple.

America Ferrera's reaction on feminism

But Ferrera refused to agree to such comments. In an interview with The New York Times, she shuts critics' mouths by saying that there are a lot of people who need feminism. “We can know things and still need to hear them out loud. It can still be a cathartic," she said. “There are a lot of people who need Feminism 101, whole generations of girls who are just coming up now and who don’t have words for the culture that they’re being raised in. Also, boys and men who may have never spent any time thinking about feminist theory. If you are well-versed in feminism, then it might seem like an oversimplification, but there are entire countries that banned this film for a reason.”

America Ferrera's explanation

Ferrera also explained that saying basic feminism isn't necessary is like saying everyone already knows and understands what it's like to be a woman, which is absolutely wrong. According to the 39-year-old actress, some things seem basic, but they are still important because not everyone experiences the world the same way.

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