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Barzakh - Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed’s reunion show gets a July release date; here's everything we know so far

Created by Asim Abbasi, Barzakh premiered at the Series Mania Festival in France in 2023. 

Barzakh - Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed’s reunion show gets a July release date; here's everything we know so far

Barzakh Release Date Announced 

Last Updated: 12.14 PM, Jun 17, 2024


The world is about to heal because nothing can beat what is about to happen on Zee5. If we have piqued your curiosity with that one line, get ready to be even more excited as we announce that Fawad Khan is reuniting with Sanam Saeed. Yes, you read that right. In case you haven't been following the news, the Zindagi Gulzar Hai duo is finally coming together for a show called Barzakh. The cherry on top is that it is created and directed by none other than the stellar Asim Abbasi. The filmmaker announced the show long ago, and there was radio silence ever since. But now, we finally have a release date and six new posters to support the same. Wake up, fans; our Zindagi is about to get Gulzar all over again.

Barzakh Release Date

Barzakh, which has been in the making for quite some time, has gone through multiple rumored release dates. We are pleased to announce that we finally have a confirmed release date. According to Images Dawn, Barzakh is set to premiere on ZeeZindagi in Pakistan and on Zee5 in India in July. The show, starring Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed in the lead roles, is set to release on July 19, 2024. That means we are exactly a month away from the release.

What Is Barzakh About?

Barzakh stars Fawad Khan opposite Sanam Saeed, reuniting after 2013’s Zindagi Gulzar Hai. It follows a 76-year-old reclusive man who is getting married to the ghost of his first true love. He invites his estranged children and grandchildren to his remote valley resort to mark this unusual event. Abbasi explores the mysteries of life and what happens after death in a poignant tale that unfolds in the picturesque Hunza Valley. The first looks and posters suggest a very mystique setup.

The show follows themes of postpartum depression, generational trauma, mental health, and gender inclusivity. True to Asim Abbasi’s style, there are layers that explore culture, the mystery of human existence, and reflections on relationships and life.

Barzakh Cast & Team

Barzakh will be a six-episode season starring Sanam Saeed alongside Fawad Khan. The show will also feature Salman Shahid, M Fawad Khan, Eman Suleman, Khushhal Khan, Faiza Gillani, Anika Zulfikar, and Franco Giusti, among others. Created and directed by Asim Abbasi, it is produced by Shailja Kejriwal and Waqas Hassan, with cinematography by Mo Azmi.

Talking about Barzakh, Asim Abbasi said, "All storytellers dream of moments like this in their career, where they are allowed to run wild. Barzakh is just that — me running wild through this forest of fear and hope and magic — to create something a little bit spiritual and a whole lot of trippy. It’s a story about love and faith. About humans desperately looking for connections and meaning. Fragile, broken souls, looking to hold on to whatever they can, to make sense of this big, bad, beautiful thing called life. Thanks to Shailja and Zindagi, Barzakh has truly been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me."

Barzakh Poster
Barzakh Poster

Barzakh will stream on Zee5 from July 19, 2024, and you can watch it with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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