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Barzakh trailer - Asim Abbazi brings mystical family reunion amidst Hunza Valley feat. Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed

Experience the magic of Barzakh, Asim Abbasi's supernatural tale set in the heart of the Hunza Valley!

Barzakh trailer - Asim Abbazi brings mystical family reunion amidst Hunza Valley feat. Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed
Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed in a still from Barzakh trailer

Last Updated: 12.23 PM, Jul 01, 2024


Finally, the highly-anticipated trailer for Barzakh has dropped, giving fans a look at the magical masterpiece. Asim Abbasi, the mastermind behind Cake and Churails, promises an astonishing story in Barzakh, a family reunion film that fuses magical realism with supernatural imagination. Barzakh transports viewers to a realm where the mundane intersects with the fantastic scene against the stunning Hunza Valley backdrop.

Barzakh plot overview and themes

This moving trailer offers a glimpse into the story of a 76-year-old man's journey as he surprises his estranged children and grandchildren with the news of his marriage to his first true love, who has passed on. As relatives congregate, torn between celebrating or intervening, this unexpected event sets off a chain reaction of emotional discoveries and conflicts. The trailer gives us a glimpse of the magical world where all people are interdependent, as Barzakh deftly interweaves folklore against the breathtaking background of the Hunza Valley. Amidst the chaos, a nagging thought persists: "When all has withered, will love endure?"

Check out the trailer below:


Fawad Khan's involvement

Describing his elation, Fawad Khan exclaimed that it was amazing. The co-stars became like family to him, and the actor loved being there. He eagerly accepted Barzakh's approach because he had just watched Cake. The modern focus on character development in Asim's films distinguishes him as a singular director. Barzakh is definitely not an average endeavour, and Fawad has always aspired to do something unconventional. 

He absolutely loves how it's so experimental; Shailja and Asim make a formidable team. They have developed an appreciation for one another's taste and style. This appreciation makes things even simpler. Collaborating with this group is a delight every time. A lot of other folks, like Asim and Shailja, have contributed to making this journey special. They include Hussain, Ariana, Nabeel, Zoobia, Yasser, and Waqas Hasan. Waqas's work as a producer is exceptional; his dedication to his art is truly motivating. I prefer to keep the show's theme under wraps. 

A family gets back together in an eerie setting. Fawad concluded by saying that he still feels at ease when he works with Sanam, even after all these years. Her abilities are impressive, and the actor thought it was fun. He finds it simplifies everything, and the actor hopes viewers enjoy it as much as the team did.

Sanam Saeed's perspective

The opportunity to be a part of Barzakh has been very fulfilling, according to Sanam Saeed. The show's premise, which explores themes of familial bonds, romantic love, grief, and the afterlife, immediately captivated her. Her goal as an actor is to play parts that push her to her limits and provide new ways of looking at old stories. It tells a story that goes beyond the ordinary and into the mysterious and unknown, which is exactly what Barzakh does.

Sanam felt compelled to star in this endeavour the moment Asim told her the narrative. She has always been a fan of Asim's, because he is someone who seeks to discover the unknown. Sharing the screen with Salman Shahid, Sajid Hasan, and Fawad, with whom she has collaborated intimately in theatre, is what excites her the most about this project, as is the prospect of rejoining with other Fawad. Producing with Shailja has always been an incredible pleasure. Now that Barzakh is everywhere, Sanam can't wait to transport viewers to the land of nowhere.

Release details

With new episodes dropping every Tuesday and Friday at 8 p.m. IST, Zindagi's YouTube and ZEE5 (OTTplay Premium) will begin releasing Barzakh at the same time starting July 19.

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