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Bastar The Naxal Story- Netizens are demanding a ban on this Adah Sharma starrer! Deets here!

The just released Adah Sharma starrer Bastar The Naxal Story is seemingly not going well with the audiences, as they are now calling for a ban on this film!

Bastar The Naxal Story- Netizens are demanding a ban on this Adah Sharma starrer! Deets here!
Adah Sharma in Bastar The Naxal Story

Last Updated: 05.41 PM, Mar 15, 2024


She came, she saw, she conquered… is exactly how one would describe Adah Sharma and her flawless and near to perfect performance in The Kerala Story. The runaway success of this film not just catapulted the actress and its makers into a different league altogether, but also exponentially raised the expectations from everyone about their next film. And when the next film was announced in the form of Bastar The Naxal Story, the audiences just could not hold onto their excitement with the expectation to see yet another masterpiece in the making. 


There were many audiences who thought that what The Kerala Story did to ISIS is exactly what Bastar The Naxal Story will do to the topic of Naxalism. But, today, after the film had been released, it seems that the audiences are just not happy with the Adah Sharma starrer. The level of their disappointment and unhappiness about the film is so much that, many of the cinegoers are now wanting a ban on the film Bastar The Naxal Story! 

Yes… you read it right. There were many of the cinegoers, who after seeing the film Bastar The Naxal Story took to social media and started demanding for a ban on the film! Reda on to find out more! The demand for seeking ban on Bastar The Naxal Story had reached to such a pinnacle that it went onto become one of the top trends on social media. The hashtag BanBastarMovie became trending along with the hashtag AdahSharma.

While one user wrote, ‘Nothing to show this a spreading venom type #BanBastarMovie’, there was another who wrote, ‘Policy reforms hold the key to ending the cycle of violence in Naxal-affected regions. #BanBastarMovie’. Another netizen posted, ‘Enough is enough. The Naxal crisis needs serious intervention, not cinematic dramatization. #BanBastarMovie’. Another user wrote, ‘This is a seriously very bad movie. I'm totally disappointed #BanBastarMovie’.

There were others who just did not support the ban on the film. One such netizen wrote, ‘#BanBastarMovie why? You should watch & know about ground reality of naxalite and showing great acting by #AdahSharma’. There was another who echoed a similar sentiment by writing, ‘What's wrong with the people they are trending to Ban Bastar Movie for showing the truth about Naxals Why??? #BanBastarMovie’

Another netizen posted, ‘Why #BanBastarMovie ? This film must be watched and the story about this is based on reality. This film exposed the horrible side of naxalies This film exposed the dark side of another party Must be watched #BanBastarMovie’.

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