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My character in Bastar The Naxal Story has been ‘inspired’ by many people, says Adah Sharma | EXCLUSIVE

After having played totally diverse roles in The Kerala Story and the just released Sunflower 2, Adah Sharma is now all set to stun everyone in the upcoming Bastar The Naxal Story

My character in Bastar The Naxal Story has been ‘inspired’ by many people, says Adah Sharma | EXCLUSIVE
Adah Sharma in Bastar The Naxal Story

Last Updated: 11.57 PM, Mar 07, 2024


In the last year’s hit film, The Kerala Story, actress Adah Sharma was seen in the role of a simple young girl who fights all odds to succeed. She followed it up with an extremely opposite role in the just released series Sunflower 2, wherein she played the role of a smart bar dancer! This time round, the very same Adah Sharma is all set to shock you and how with her next film Bastar The Naxal Story

OTTplay caught up with the extremely talented actress for an exclusive interview.


Adah, you spoke about meeting the Naxalite girls as a part of your preparations for the role. How was the experience seeing them?
Oh my God! I just simply cannot forget those faces. I noticed that they had an emotion in their eyes that was very fearless. But it was also a very like blank expression. Because, after seeing so much death, suffering and gory violence and dead bodies, you tend to have an indifference in your eyes. It is this kind of expression which I have tried to incorporate in my role in the film Bastar The Naxal Story. 

Looking back a bit, a reasonable chunk from the film’s profits were given to the victims as a token of love and affection. Have you decided anything of this sort for Bastar The Naxal Story as well?
I am sure that the makers have decided what they want to do. They will definitely have a lot of stuff in mind.

Can we now talk about your by-now-famous monologue? How many days did it take for you to master it?
In fact, there are there are two monologues in the film. And one of them was a last-minute addition! It's a four-minute monologue. The one that everyone saw in the promo was like that tease, which was a one minute long. But there's one in the film, that's a four-minute piece which the makers wanted it in one take. It's in the second half of the film towards the end. When you watch the film, you'll see that it’s an extremely powerful monologue that I'm saying to somebody.

Is your character of IPS Neerja Madhavan a real-life character?
The answer is both yes and no (smiles). Actually, it has been modelled around a few people who are real life people. But, at the same time, there is no reference to just any one person specifically. We have various qualities and personality traits of different people put together in my character.

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