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I have met a few girls who were Naxalites first and then joined armed forces, says Adah Sharma of Bastar the Naxal Story | EXCLUSIVE

The extremely talented Adah Sharma is now all set to set the silver screen afire with another path breaking performance in the upcoming Bastar the Naxal Story

I have met a few girls who were Naxalites first and then joined armed forces, says Adah Sharma of Bastar the Naxal Story | EXCLUSIVE
Adah Sharma in Bastar

Last Updated: 11.17 PM, Mar 07, 2024


By now, ‘to surprise everyone’ seems to be the middle name of the extremely versatile Adah Sharma, who blazed her way through a rocking performance in The Kerala Story. If you thought that you have seen it all, wait till the time, you see this powerhouse of talent in the upcoming Bastar the Naxal Story.

OTTplay caught up with the super talented Adah Sharma for an exclusive interview, wherein she spoke about the film Bastar the Naxal Story and the hardcore preparations that went in orfder for her to get into the skin of the role!

Adah, after working in The Kerala Story, do you feel convinced that filmmakers like Sudipto Sen can actually bring the best in you?
Yeah, definitely. With Vipul sir and Sudipto sir, I'm always very relaxed. I think when you're relaxed, like when you trust a person and you are relaxed, you can get out a really good performance. In such an atmosphere, it only becomes easier when you know that you have a great part written for you. In such cases, to get out all emotions becomes extremely easier.

There have been many films which have been on Naxalism. How is Bastar different from them all?
For that, you will have to have to watch it to know the answer! (smiles). The film touches upon the topics which have never been told in any films. I don't know if any film has been made on our 76 jawans being martyred. 

Also, my character of Neerja Madhavan is someone who is fighting a whole system and she is fighting corruption all alone. She's standing out there and each time she fights, she loses and opposition only becomes stronger. Even though she keeps on losing again and again, she doesn't leave it. She is someone who is full of confidence and conviction.

What kind of preparations did you undergo for your role? Did you actually go meetup with real-life people or you resorted to books and video tutorials?
Our team (including me) not just went to the real locations, but also stayed with them. Also, they were kind enough to let me go on some of their outings to the jungle as well. I also met a few girls who were first Naxalites also, and who came on this side and then joined the CRPF forces.

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