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Before Fight Club releases, here are 6 of the most loved fight sequences in Tamil films

Fight Club, helmed by Abbas A Rahmath and starring Vijay Kumar under Lokesh Kanagaraj’s production banner, will be released in theatres on December 15

Before Fight Club releases, here are 6 of the most loved fight sequences in Tamil films

Last Updated: 08.00 PM, Dec 12, 2023


Tamil cinema has given us some cult-classic action scenes that can only be described as iconic. One reason certain movies, especially those with big stars, generate hype before and after release is the adrenaline rush that fight scenes have. From Kamal Haasan transforming into a human fighting machine in Vishwaroopam to Dhanush's devil-like stunts in Asuran, Tamil cinema has consistently delivered some of the best action content, leaving us awe-struck.


As Vijay Kumar's Fight Club gears up for release on December 15, fans are curious to know if Lokesh Kanagaraj’s production venture will have his signature stunt sequences. In the meantime, it's the perfect time to look back at the 6 most loved Tamil films (in no particular order) that had whistle-worthy action scenes.


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This is known to be Vijay’s career-best film. One of the notable scenes from AR Murugadoss' film is the 'coin fight scene,' in which Vijay's character uses both intelligence and strength to fight goons. Fans of the action genre adored the film because of the scene's compelling stunts, which Anal Arasu choreographed.


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One of Kamal Haasan's characters in the film, that of the Kathak dancer Vishwanath, surprises everyone by transforming into Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri, swiftly defeating all kidnappers. The scene has a double impact: one, it shows off Kamal's quick takedown and then, there is a slow-motion reveal of him as the last man standing. Kamal conceptualised and choreographed the stunt, which was executed by Thailand-based Kaecha and Chennai-based Ramesh. The scene is one of the most whistle-worthy scenes in the Tamil action genre to date.


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The first film from the LCU (Lokesh Cinematic Universe), this crime thriller starring Karthi as Dilli went on to become one of the most successful films in the actor’s career. Karthi’s fight sequences in the film were choreographed by the iconic duo Anbariv. One of the most talked-about action scenes is the forest fight scene between Dilli and the goons from Anbu’s gang. It is a well-choreographed scene, which makes it the most gripping part of the film. 


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Director Mysskin is known for directing some of the best action sequences in Kollywood. The fight scenes of this film, which stars Vishal, are regarded as some of the finest in Tamil cinema. The fight scene between Vishal and the goons at the Chinese restaurant makes the film a good watch for all intense action film lovers.


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Dhanush and Vetrimaaran’s Asursan is a classic for its performances and storyline. However, the film’s gore action scenes were also praised for their execution. The interval sequence in which Dhanush, who was up until that point in the film a calm family man, transforms into an ‘asuran’ who instantly turns into a figurative sandstorm to save his son’s life. Dhanush’s transformation makes this scene one of the best in the film. 


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Suriya’s spine-chilling diamond chase on the streets of Congo, choreographed by stunt master Franz Spilhaus, is one of the best stunt scenes in Suriya’s filmography. The action thriller thrilled with some of the best action-packed scenes high on adrenaline, including Suriya’s aerobatic stunts.

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