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Before Manjummel Boys, THIS Mohanlal-starrer was shot in Guna Caves, says director M Padmakumar | Exclusive

In an interview with OTTplay, director M Padmakumar said that Mohanlal's 2010 film Shikkar was shot in the renowned Guna Caves.

Before Manjummel Boys, THIS Mohanlal-starrer was shot in Guna Caves, says director M Padmakumar | Exclusive
A still from Mohanlal's Shikkar, M Padmakumar

Last Updated: 09.42 PM, Mar 04, 2024


How many of you were aware that Mohanlal had previously filmed in the well-known Guna Caves, also known as Devil's Kitchen, before Manjummel Boys? This is where the final scenes of his action thriller, Shikkar (2010), were shot.

The crew was not entirely aware of the danger in this location when these scenes were being filmed, according to M Padmakumar, the director of the movie, in an interview with OTTplay. "At first, we were not planning on filming here. Stunt master Thyagarajan came up with the idea to film the climax in the Guna Caves because we wanted a location that looked dangerous," he said.

A still from Mohanlal's Shikkar
A still from Mohanlal's Shikkar

The director stated that they felt perplexed about working at the location when they first arrived two days before the shoot. He went on to say that while he and the other members of his team were warned about the location's potentially deadly hidden pits, neither of them was aware of the 2006 incident or any other deaths that had occurred there.

"Thyagarajan had a strong sense of confidence and a solid connection with Mohanlal, which made things easier for us," he continued. According to Padmakumar, filming in the Guna Caves was difficult because there was no modern machinery to guarantee the performers' safety. While some of the scenes were initially filmed in areas above Guna Caves that resembled Pooyamkutty in Ernakulam, where majority of the film was shot in Kerala.

He continued by saying that Ananya declined to use a dupe to act out a scene in which she is hanging from a rope in a submerged cavern. He said, "She said that even using a dupe carries the same risk, so she herself will perform."

A still from Mohanlal's Shikkar, M Padmakumar
A still from Mohanlal's Shikkar, M Padmakumar

The filmmaker also praised Mohanlal for his commitment to giving his all during the action scenes. When Ananya chose to carry out the stunt on her own, he became extremely worried. Padmakumar continued, "The actor warned the crew and cast members to exercise caution on a regular basis."

He stated that eight days were dedicated to filming the sequences. Only a small number of people descended into the cave to shoot, and they were not raised until the scheduled end of that specific day. The only things they could take down inside the caves were biscuits and water, he said. For eight days straight, these artistes continuously shot from morning to evening.


Padmakumar asserted that if they had heard tales of an incident from 2006 or something similar, they would have been more apprehensive and nervous about shooting in these caves. He continued by saying that finishing the shoot in the allotted time was their main priority.

Regarding his thoughts on the latest Malayalam movie, Manjummel Boys, the director declared that he thought it was fantastic and that it brought back memories of Shikkar's filming days.

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