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Before Millie Bobby Brown’s Damsel, binge these 5 action movies where women smashing stereotypes with incredible actions

Women are ready to make incredible strides in 2024, proving their strength and resilience in some breathtaking action-genres

Before Millie Bobby Brown’s Damsel, binge these 5 action movies where women smashing stereotypes with incredible actions


Last Updated: 04.38 AM, Jan 08, 2024


Action movies used to be synonymous with testosterone-fueled heroes, but Hollywood's landscape is rapidly changing. Gone are the days when female characters were degreted showing just their soft sides and distresses. Today, women are kicking down doors in action-packed blockbusters, proving they are just as capable of saving the day.

Just like Damsel. After garnering immense appreciation in Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown once again will be seen doing some amazing action sequences with this Netflix movie. It tells a story about a young woman, who thought that she was marrying a charming prince, but it was a big trick! Instead of a wedding, she got thrown into a dark cave with a scary, fire-breathing monster. Now she's all alone, and she has to use her brain and bravery to stay alive. No fancy prince, just her own smarts and courage to save herself.


So, here we have curated five female-led movies to binge on OTTs, to be prepared for Damsel:

Wonder Woman 1984

Diana, Princess of Themyscira, known to the world as Wonder Woman, finds herself entangled in a battle on multiple fronts. The charismatic but dangerous Maxwell Lord manipulates events like a puppeteer, while Barbara Minerva, a dear friend twisted by darkness, flaunts her power with venomous intent. In the midst of this turbulence, a flicker of warmth emerges, a chance encounters with the one who holds her heart. Watch to find out the whole story on Netflix.

Atomic Blonde

Haunted by ghosts of past missions, MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton embarks on a dangerous journey to the heart of cold Berlin. Her objective is to recover a stolen list, a burden that weighs heavier than the secrets it holds. Watch Charlize Theron flaunt some mind blowing actions on Amazon Prime Video.

The Woman King

General Nanisca freed some women who were forced to be slaves. This made the Oyo empire really angry, so now they are going to attack. Nanisca and her army, made up of only women, are getting ready to fight back. Watch the action genre, filled with adventure on Netflix.


In a city far in the future, people belong to different clubs based on what they are good at. Beatrice doesn't fit in any of the clubs, and she has to keep it a secret to stay safe from those in charge. It's like playing hide-and-seek, but if she is found, she is in a big trouble. Watch Shailene Woodley do some amazing action sequences on Amazon Prime Video and ZEE5.

Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow, has to face all the bad things she has done in the past. A scary plot connected to her old life pops up, and someone really powerful wants to hurt her bad. Natasha has to deal with all the spying and fighting she did before she joined the Avengers, and fix the broken friendships she made along the way. Watch Scarlett Johansson do some amazing actions on Disney+ Hotstar.

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