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Before The Midnight Romance in Hagwon episode 12 drops, here’s a recap of episode 11 with Wi Ha-joon and Jung Ryeo-won

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon episode 12 will be out at 5.50 pm

Before The Midnight Romance in Hagwon episode 12 drops, here’s a recap of episode 11 with Wi Ha-joon and Jung Ryeo-won
The Midnight Romance in Hagwon

Last Updated: 04.40 PM, Jun 16, 2024


After the success of Lovely Runner and The Atypical Family, all eyes are on The Midnight Romance in Hagwon, starring Wi Ha-joon and Jung Ryeo-won in the lead roles. The show has been holding up in terms of K-Drama rankings too, thus making it something to look out for. 11 episodes of the drama have already released, and the 12 will be dropping in a few hours. Before you get to episode 12, here’s refreshing your memory about where the story is headed and what happened in episode 11.

What is the show about?

Seo Hye-jin (Jung Ryeo-won) is an instructor. Wi Ha-joon’s Lee Jun-ho is also an instructor, but before that he is Hye-jin’s student. Just as he had expected, the two are dating at this point. This is after she felt her life settling in and he came in like chaos.

What happened in episode 11?

Jun-ho and Hye-jin get into an argument since they are in the same academy but have a varied style of teaching. He wants to change the curriculum for the semester, while she wants the students to get the right questions to master their exams. Their personal life was on the line during this argument.

Hye-jin sneaked out of Jun-ho’s house after his mother arrived at home. The mother, however, got to know about his dating life after finding two toothbrushes and a woman’s perfume. During the argument, his mother asked Jun-ho to consider the job his father searched for him. He requested them to stop interfering with his future plans.

Back at the academy, Jun-ho had deleted the existing textbook to go ahead with changing the curriculum. He met Hye-jin and apologized for his mother’s sudden arrival. However, that should be the least of Hye-jin’s concerns since assistant director Wo Seung-hee (Kim Jung-young) did not like how director Kim Hyun-tak (Kim Jong-tae) wanted to promote Hye-jin. Thus, Seung-hee met Choiseon Korean director Choi Hyeong-seon (Seo Jung-yeon) to present Hye-jin’s decade worth notes. With this move, Seung-hee wanted to take down both Hye-jin and Hyun-tak. Pyo Sung-sub (Kim Song II) now wants those notes, and Hyeong-seon tells him about Seung-hee having them.

Having come across the changed curriculum, Hye-jin is furious with Jun-ho. There’s a bitter exchange between the couple. Just as Hye-jin left for some time along, Sung-sub called for a meeting with her alone. He revealed that Seung-hee gave him the notes Hye-jin had kept with her for 10 years. Furious upon hearing so, she thanks Sung-sub and asks him to keep the notes rather than going back to Hyeong-seon. Before leaving, he gives Hye-jin the example of how his student Sung Ha-yul (Kim Na-yeon) did a book analysis which gave him the confidence to teach in his own way. Just as they were talking, Jun-ho arrived. The episode ended with that. Whether he heard the conversation and has something in mind, will be revealed in episode 12.

When and where can you watch the show?

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon is available on Viki and TVING. All episodes of the show release on Saturday-Sunday at 5.50 pm IST (9.20 pm KST).

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