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Best Malayalam web series to binge-watch on iStream

Here are some of the best Malayalam web series on iStream you can now binge-watch for free!

Best Malayalam web series to binge-watch on iStream
Malayalam web series on iStream

Last Updated: 05.47 PM, Apr 23, 2024


In recent times, there has been a surge in web series from the Malayalam industry. Various OTT platforms have been announcing new shows with leading stars headlining the series. From romance to horror, Malayalam cinephiles are being offered a variety of options to choose from. 

iStream, which has been providing Malayalam-based content free of subscription, also offers a bunch of web series to binge-watch. From Ahaana Krishna-starrer Me Myself and I to sci-fi comedy series Dhe Javu, here are some of the best Malayalam web series to stream now on iStream and OTTplay Premium.

Top Malayalam web series to watch on iStream now

Me Myself and I


Director: Abhilash Sudheesh

Cast: Ahaana Krishna, Karthi VS, Meera Nair, and Anoop Mohandas

This time travel-based series, headlined by actress Ahaana Krishna, follows her character named Malavika aka Malu, who holds a special power to interact with her past and future selves to get time-tested advice. The series explores the interesting conversations between the past, present, and future selves, and shows how they establish a strong friendship in this series that is a celebration of self-love. 

Dhe Javu

Director: Naveen C Wilson

Cast: Arun Pradeep, Kannan Nayar, and Francis Shaji

This fun and entertaining sci-fi series follows two scientists who test a time travel device on their pet dog 'Javu' by sending it back in time from 2060 to 2021. Unfortunately, the device gets stuck in the past and falls into the hands of two youngsters, Naveen and Akshay. As the duo decides to make use of the tool, the story takes a quick turn as the device begins to influence the lives of the people around them. This time-bending series is a rollercoaster of laughter and entertainment! 

Bread N Butter

Director : Deepak Palakkal

Cast: Sonika Meenakshi Kurup, Malavika

This women-centric comedy series follows the lives of a few young women in their early twenties who share an apartment in Kochi. The series takes us through how these young women navigate through the struggles of living on their own while solving their problems in the most humorous ways possible. If you are in the mood for a relatable comedy series, then Bread N Butter is the one you must binge-watch! 

Gangs of Gregory

Gangs of Gregory
Gangs of Gregory

Director: Kamal Ravee

Cast: Ajith Shaj, Kamal Ravee, Cleo Zusan, Arun Baburaj, and Jomin Jose

Yet another comedy series on iStream, Gangs of Gregory follows the hilarious adventures of the patients at Gregory's Mental Clinic, under the care of psychiatrist Don Tom Gregory. This hilarious series revolving around psychiatrist Don Tom Gregory is not something you should miss out on! The series is created by popular production house Pepperwood Originals. 

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