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Betaab Ishq - Here's why you should not miss this sensuous and sultry web series on ULLU

Betaab Ishq Part 1 and 2 are currently streaming on ULLU and are accessible through OTTplay Premium

Betaab Ishq - Here's why you should not miss this sensuous and sultry web series on ULLU

Still from Betaab Ishq

Last Updated: 12.34 PM, Apr 26, 2024


ULLU has something for everyone. Whether you like general romance or something like same-gender love, extramarital affairs, thrillers, murder, suspense, or betrayal, ULLU has a wide range of stories that will definitely keep you hooked. 

Betaab Ishq is one of the highest-rated web series on ULLU right now. Although the streaming platform has numerous other sensual stories, Betaab Ishq has garnered immense viewership. Hence, the streaming giant has released Part 2 of Betaab Ishq. 

Betaab Ishq is one of the most twisted tales on the streaming giant. Actress Bharti Jha’s seductive performance and dialogue delivery are some of the highlights of the series. Rather than only focusing on the adult content, you will be mesmerised by the storyline as well. The story will have you asking several questions on basic morals and what is right and wrong.

Betaab Ishq Part 1 story

Betaab Ishq revolves around a woman named Shanaya, who visits her friend’s house to spend a few days with her. Her extrovert personality and seductive dressing sense have always grabbed her friend’s uncle Vinod’s attention. However, Shanaya is manipulative. She has her own hidden agendas. When Shanaya and Vinod’s paths cross, her true motives surface. Is she genuinely interested in Vinod? Or is she simply trying to drag him into a scheme?


Betaab Ishq strategically uses symbolism, like the CCTV camera installation, hinting at a perfectly crafted plan. Vinod initially was hesitant to accept Shanaya’s allure but gradually fell into her trap, which raised questions about his morals. The web series opens up layer by layer, culminating in a shocking conclusion that will leave you on the edge of your couch.

Betaab Ishq part 2 story

Part 2 of Betaab Ishq centres around Vinod, a middle-aged man who develops his suppressed sensuous feelings for his niece Nidhi. His obsession grows the more he sees her. But when Nidhi’s friend Shanaya comes over, Vinod’s initial attempts to impress both the girls are quite clumsy, which will leave you wondering about the chilling consequences of his actions.

So hurry up! Watch Betaab Ishq Part 1 and 2 on ULLU app now, which are also accessible through OTTplay Premium at an affordable price!

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