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Beyond 'Seven and 'Dreamers' - Other soulful solos by BTS' Jungkook ARMY don't want you to miss

While ARMY celebrates the popularity of Jeon Jungkook they also encourage the general public to explore his other solo songs, showcasing the lead singer's versatility.

Last Updated: 08.24 PM, Jan 15, 2024


In 2022, BTS, recognized as the world's biggest boy band, embarked on the second phase of their career as members began enlisting in mandatory military services. Each member pursued a solo journey in different genres, strategically expanding their fanbase before their anticipated reunion in 2025.

The youngest member, Jeon Jungkook, focused on captivating the English-speaking audience with his voice and English-based songs. His track 'Seven,' featuring Latto, emerged as a major hit in 2023, achieving widespread chart success. This triumph paved the way for his solo album 'Golden,' with the lead single 'Standing Next To You' making waves on the BBHot 100


Before this solo success, Jungkook had gained recognition as the artist behind the official FIFA World Cup 2022 song and performed in Qatar. While ARMY celebrates the popularity of the group's 'maknae,' they also encourage the general public to explore Jungkook's other solo songs, showcasing the lead singer's versatility.

Begin (2016):

BTS' 2016 album "Wings" served as a pivotal moment which had peaked on various charts. The album not only elevated their status but also innovatively showcased each member's solo era. Jungkook's track 'Begin' was penned by group leader RM, also known as Kim Namjoon which beautifully captures Jungkook's remarkable journey from Busan to Seoul, and also speaks about his love for his 'hyungs' (his older 6 BTS members).

Euphoria (2018):

Featured in BTS' "Love Yourself: Answer" album, 'Euphoria' stands out as a captivating track that holds a special place in the hearts of ARMY. The song explores the emotion of intense happiness as the artist dedicated the song to his devoted fans. The song had become even more iconic after Jungkook soared over a packed concert audience, harnessed during his breathtaking performance. 

My Time (2020):

BTS, recognized for their discussions about mental health challenges, saw Jungkook expressing his reflections on the subject through this song in their "Map Of The Soul: 7" album. The song explores Jungkook's contemplation of missed teenage experiences and the unconventional life through the R&B track.

Still With You (2020):

Unveiled as part of the BTS' Fest (anniversary), this track by Jungkook holds a soft spot in the hearts of ARMYs. It showcases Jungkook's exceptional vocals and songwriting prowess. This track was officially released on Spotify leading up to 'Seven' and ascended to the top of the charts, breaking numerous records for the artist.

Stay Alive (2022):

For the digital comic webtoon titled "7 Fates: Chakho" Suga produced the soundtrack with Jungkook providing his vocals. The deeply emotional and dramatic lyrics, coupled with the sound, create a perfect harmony that complements Jungkook's voice exceptionally well.

My You (2022):

During the 2022 Festa, this song served as a love letter to ARMY. This release coincided with a bittersweet announcement, as the group revealed their temporary hiatus from group activities to embark on solo projects and fulfil their mandatory military enlistment.

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