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Big Girls Don't Cry ending explained! Here's a deep dive into climactic revelations and twists; will there be a Season 2?

The final episode of Big Girls Don't Cry features a poignant battle for identity, acceptance, and true friendship, providing a deeply explained conclusion to the series.

Big Girls Don't Cry ending explained! Here's a deep dive into climactic revelations and twists; will there be a Season 2?
The poster of Big Girls Don't Cry

Last Updated: 12.28 PM, Mar 14, 2024


Today, Prime Video released its latest series, Big Girls Don't Cry, set against the backdrop of Vandana Valley Girls School. At the all-girls boarding school in the hills, a new student enrols, long-lost friends reunite, and exciting things happen as the new term starts. Nitya Mehra created the seven-episode series, which showcases sisterhood through a group of seven girls forming a gang that represents the girl-gang culture around us.

Dramatic twists during the school's Diamond Jubilee

The series begins with a new girl, Kavya Yadav, entering the world of VVGS and trying to make her way to fit in the world. But it looks like a cakewalk for her, as she turns out to be an all-rounder who gets to choose which group she wants to be in. The show follows the lives of seven girls, played by Avantika Vandanapu, Aneet Padda, Akshita Sood, Dalai, Vidushi, Tenzin Lhakyila, and Afrah Sayed, as well as the issues they encounter as teenagers. However, during the journey, they finally realise how to take their lives forward once they step outside of the boarding school world. 


In the penultimate episode, we see that in the midst of the school's Diamond Jubilee festivities, everyone is putting their finest foot forward. Rooi (Aneet) and JC (Tenzin Lhakyila) discover that they both have feelings for the same guy, revealing a surprising truth. On the other hand, a long-lost friend makes a triumphant return, which brings the harsh truth about Leah Joseph, aka Ludo's sexual identity. This leads to shattering the illusion of perfection.

The climactic challenges of the final episode

As the term comes to a close, the girls face multiple challenges in the final episode. Finally, Noor, who is eyeing to become the school captain, urges the students to wave the LGBTQ flag in the school and asks the authorities to think forward as the world is already on the path of progress. Although Noor's wish comes true and the girls rejoice, taking it as a win, Ludo still holds herself back and makes the choice of not coming out, even when the path is clear. As the girls grapple with the question of which truths are truly worth standing up for, a protest breaks out on the final day. 

The seven girls take it upon themselves to confront their demons, especially with Roohi and JC, who were each other's comfort when their parents didn't support them when they needed it. On the other hand, Kavya, who also hid her real identity as a scholarship student, makes peace with her mom, who had to fight for the best education for her daughter. 

Anita Verma's struggles and the unexpected betrayal

Anita Verma, portrayed by Pooja Bhatt, juggles student protests and fundraising for the science club at the school. Dia (Akshita Sood), the rebellious girl, ruins all the plans with her monologue during the school play. However, enter Arjun Mathur, who eagerly helps Anita make her dream come true regarding the school. However, there's a catch: towards the end of the series, we see that he has some other plans to take over the school and betray Anita while even leaving her position as a school principal in jeopardy.

Well, we have to wait and see if there's a second season and what the final year has in store for the BGDC gang.

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