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Bigg Boss 16 February 1 Written Update: Sumbul Touqeer Khan bursts into tears due to the nomination task

Sumbul is upset that she nominated Shiv Thakare and MC Stan.

Bigg Boss 16 February 1 Written Update: Sumbul Touqeer Khan bursts into tears due to the nomination task
Bigg Boss 16 - February 1 - Written Update

Last Updated: 07.23 AM, Feb 02, 2023


Sumbul Touqeer Khan was nominated along with Shiv Thakare and MC Stan. On Day 122, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia tells her off. Sumbul breaks down in tears as she feels bad that she is to blame for all three of them being nominated. Shiv makes an effort to soothe Sumbul. Stan begs her to stop sobbing because it was in Qismat. One of the finalists, Archana Gautam, co-hosts a chat show with Priyanka Chahar Chaudhry. Priyanka queries Archana's sudden mention of the Mandali matter.

Bigg Boss and Shiv converse in the confessional. Bigg Boss tells them that he is very upset and asks for their help to calm down. Stan and Shiv assert that they dislike using the victim card. Finally, Bigg Boss informs them that if they return to Sumbul, it will appear as though they are using the victim card. Bigg Boss informs them that they have been comforting Sumbul for over two hours. The two are then questioned about whether the home has any tissues. Stan struts his stuff before he walks out. As a result, Bigg Boss invites him to return. Stan claims he achieved his six-pack without using chicken after showing off his abs.

Shalin Bhanot joins Nimrit in soothing Sumbul in the meantime. Sumbul is described by Nimrit as a difficult child who is not thinking about how they all cheered her up and how she needs to do the same. After leaving the confessional, Shiv and Stan approach Shalin and frighten him by claiming to know what he said behind their backs.

Stan claims that by branding herself as a villain, Sumbul plays the victim card. The two are astounded that it took them three hours to persuade her. Sumbul offers to talk to them about the ramp walk when they do. Shiv and Stan find this annoying, but they resist berating her. The second time, Sumbul leaves. Then Nimrit explains why Sumbul bothers her so much. She has Stan's support. He claims he cannot agree that Sumbul is a child.

Following a discussion regarding Shalin's clothing, Sumbul returns to the mandali. Shortly after, the trio left. But Sumbul continued to cry while Nimrit tried to speak to her. Nimrit discusses Archana and Priyanka's altered behaviour with Stan and Shiv. Stan remembers how Archana begged everyone not to fight in the last few minutes, which is funny since she fights the most. He salutes the group.

Shalin soon follows and joins them. "How can I be innocent?" Stan queries Shalin. Then Shiv queries Shalin about maybe entering a new relationship for the show. The group cracks jokes about his relationship with Tina Datta.

Day 123 begins with Shalin pleading with Sumbul not to blame her. She claims she doesn't mind being outside. Stan claims that if he leaves, his mood will be affected. Shiv concurs. The two wanted to reprimand Sumbul but were unable to. Popat also boarded the train to the conclusion; Shiv claims that the story is a hoax. Stan refers to it as "fate."

Shalin inquires about rations after Nimrit does so out of curiosity. In the meantime, Sumbul comes to talk to Stan and Shiv. Nimrit is angry with the mandali, and especially with Shiv because she can't talk to him. Nimrit leaves as Shiv tries to reconcile the disagreements. Stan becomes enraged and thinks the females are harming him. When Nimrit and Shiv do eventually speak, she apologises while crying. She then embraces him. According to Nimrit, the cause of her outburst was tension over Sumbul. Shiv begins to cry as a result of the circumstances. Stan gives Sumbul a tapli as the Mandali finally come together and give each other a group hug.

Priyanka corrects Archana when she refers to the kundali rather than the mandali. Because she was in error, Archana urges Bigg Boss to cut the scene. Stan uses his shoe to place a fictitious call.

The Bigg Boss addresses the housemates' treatment of both themselves and him. He admits that the last 17 weeks have been trying on his patience, and the situation has changed. He'll put them to the test of endurance and shame. Some candidates have the option of playing to increase the prize money. It's Team A (also known as Mandali) versus Team B. The buzzer task is this. Team A is responsible for making sure Team B leaves after pressing the buzzer for an hour.

Nimrit and Sumbul are eager to help with the project. Sumbul is talked out of participating by Shiv, but Nimrit is perplexed by her nasty behaviour. Shalin is teased about the buzzer and the prize money. Then Nimrit quips that no one prepared for him.

Nimrit tries to talk to Stan and Shiv about the assignment. They choose to employ ice, shampoo, and oil. Stan is certain Archana will act dishonestly. Sumbul is perplexed when Stan, Shiv, and Nimrit attempt to enlist her assistance. The buzzer sounds when she stops.

Even at first, Archana struggles to hold the buzzer. Shalin gripes about how Team A damaged his sneakers. The task occasionally becomes humorous. As Archana complains, Nimrit and she get into a disagreement. Stan considers wearing a wig but decides against it because he fears the women would start fighting.

Bigg Boss questions Sumbul over her absence from the mandali. She wanted to help with the project because she was angry. Priyanka is poked by Bigg Boss as she trembles. This inspires Team A, which then drenches her with buckets of water. Priyanka becomes enraged at Shiv.

Stan is informed by Sumbul that Team A cannot yank its hands away from Team B. Nimrit was acting in this manner. Bigg Boss issues Nimrit a warning as she pulls the harness. Finally, Shalin complains that Nimrit is striking her below the waist, which irritates her. Despite receiving buckets of water, Archana and Priyanka persevere.

Shalin laments the scorching on his face. Priyanka agrees, but Archana is overjoyed to give a damn. Since they won the round and could claim the prize money, she ends up cuddling Priyanka. Shalin emerges in a towel and makes an effort to warn Nimrit, but Bigg Boss reminds him that his microphone isn't on. Shiv quips that no one can comprehend his excessive behaviour.

Sumbul continues to gripe about not being able to play the game. As she converses with Shalin, Archana shudders. Priyanka expresses her gratitude to Shiv for treating her while her eyes hurt. Even to laugh, Archana and Priyanka can hardly move their faces. Priyanka informs Archana that Team A will be tortured.

Stan brings up Archana's unethical behaviour once more. She should, according to Shiv. Shalin rejects replicating Team A's treatment of Team B. Shiv declares that he will not budge and challenges Shalin. With the exception of Nimrit, all of the Mandali members nod out when the kukudakoo sounds. Stan passed out shortly after that.

Shalin, Priyanka, and Archana get ready for the following day. Then, Priyanka tells Shalin that Nimrit is enraged. Shalin is then reminded by Priyanka that he is not a member of the mandali. "The three are solitary players," says Archana.

Sumbul, in Archana's opinion, would have outperformed Stan. Sumbul declines Shiv's request to switch with her this time. Shiv tells Sumbul that the Mandali has always been there for each other emotionally. Sumbul is unable to respond when Shiv asks how she is mandali.

Shalin receives it from Stan again. The mandali is perplexed by Shalin's choice to sit with Team B. Shalin discusses Shah Rukh Khan in relation to his Instagram account. Shiv greets Sumbul, still talking to Shalin, and gives her a hug. Shalin leaves while acting upset. He returns and requests that Stan rap on the term "showsha."

Priyanka informs Archana that the task will be up to the two of them. She can't rely on Shalin. Archana then tells Sumbul that the mandali made a mistake when they didn't give her the job. Then Sumbul implicitly provides them with advice on how to defeat Team A.

While everyone sleeps, Archana is busy. She keeps water in her chamber in buckets that she fills from the basin. Then, feeling as though she had accomplished something, Archana dances.

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