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Bigg Boss 16 February 3, 2023 Written Update: Karan Johar declares that one among the Mandali will get evicted this week

Shiv Thakare’s eye condition gets worse.

Bigg Boss 16 February 3, 2023 Written Update: Karan Johar declares that one among the Mandali will get evicted this week

Last Updated: 11.06 AM, Feb 04, 2023


Karan Johar returns to the Bigg Boss season 16 stage as host yet again, after hosting the Diwali bash for the contestants. The host talks about how the show will soon have its grand finale on February 12, and about how the prize money has still not reached Rs 50 lakhs. As the host talks about the grueling tasks the contestants went through to try and get back the full amount of prize money, he remarks how the after effects of the task are still ongoing.

Viewers are taken inside the house and we see Shiv unable to open his eyes as a result of the task the day before, when Archana put haldi and detergent in his eyes. Archana feels guilty and prays that he becomes well soon. Nimrit and Stan say they are angry and how Archana has not even said sorry. Shiv cries in pain. Archana says sorry to Bigg Boss.

Stan and Nimrit talk about it to Shalin. Nimrit also talks about how her face is also hurt a lot. As Archana comes to check on Shiv, an argument breaks out between Stan and Nimrit. Priyanka and Stan also discuss this. Archana says that even she had to go through a lot in the task, and tries to justify her actions. Archana says that she had suffered in silence when it was her time in the task. She sobs alone and says that she is alone.

Even Shalin, Sumbul and Priyanka try to reason with Archana. As the housemates get ready to meet Karan, Shalin discuss Archana’s quirky makeup that Priyanka did for her.

Karan teases that one among the Mandali will be evicted soon. Karan talks to each and every one of the contestants. Karan jokes that the show will be extended for one more month, and the housemates realise that it is a joke.

Karan jokes around with the housemates, giving out awards, 40 years into the future, for best overactor for Shalin, which Archana gives, and makes Archana give a speech in English. The host also makes them pretend to be old. He then says that Shiv and Priyanka are a couple in the future and make them say a thank you speech on their ‘anniversary’. Archana and Stan are also given a funny task. The host also gives them lightning round questions. Nimrit, Priyanka, Shalin, Archana and Stan are also asked questions individually. When the host leaves, Shiv and Shalin have an argument over the things Shalin said.

Badshah arrives and raps a few spirited beats, and grills Karan with a few quirky questions. The rapper also meets the housemates inside the house as well. He appreciates and says he is a big fan of Stan. He gives the housemates a task of dividing the housemates into a wall of shame and a wall of fame. Archana, Priyanka, and Shiv are chosen for the wall of shame, while Priyanka, Archana, Stan and Shiv are chosen for the wall of fame. Archana is the most picked for wall of shame.

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