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Bigg Boss 16 February 8, 2023 Highlights: The media grill the housemates, Archana-Priyanka and Shalin-Stan get into fights

Archana and Priyanka have a disagreement over the division of kitchen duties. 

Bigg Boss 16 February 8, 2023 Highlights: The media grill the housemates, Archana-Priyanka and Shalin-Stan get into fights

Last Updated: 11.08 PM, Feb 08, 2023


As a new day dawns in the Bigg Boss 16 house, the supreme invites a new set of people to grill Shalin, Priyanka, Stan, Shiv and Archana with some tough questions. The media are invited inside the house, and they go about posing some challenging questions to the housemates. Drama never takes a day off in the house, and the housemates find themselves in arguments after the media interaction.

Here’s all that happened:

Day 130, 8:15AM IST

Priyanka offers Stan a tin of coffee, and he thanks her.

Day 130, 8:30 AM IST

Stan tells Shiv about what Priyanka did.

Archana tells Shalin that the Mandali think that they have given everything to the show. Shalin says that they were the ones who gave the show everything, not Mandali.

Priyanka asks Stan’s opinion on her earrings choice. Shiv laughs as Priyanka sings a song.

Day 130, 2:00 PM IST

Stan and Shiv requests Bigg Boss to send a barber for them.

Day 130, 2:45 PM IST

Shiv asks Stan to ask Priyanka which song she was singing. Stan does, and Shiv laughs. The trio have some fun with each other. Stan attempts to sing it and he ends up laughing. The trio then sing Dil Deewana.

Day 130, 4:45 PM IST

The top 5 meet media persons, as Bigg Boss arranges a press conference, and the supreme gives the mediapersons full freedom to ask anything.

The first question goes to Stan, and ask him to name pers

Priyanka is asked that it feels like she mothers the housemates a bit, and also asks about the big secret Tina shared with Priyanka. Shalin is questioned about how he had made fun of Nimrit’s emotional low, and a reporter asks him about his own emotional low. Shalin is asked how he got over being mentally low immediately after Tina left. Shalin explains how it was the last day of his anxiety medicines which was why it felt like he had gotten over it quickly. He also addresses his ‘overacting’ claims.

Stan and Shiv are asked about how they had reacted, when they had said that Shalin was acting when he was really upset. Shalin says that everyone was good to him when he was going through an emotional low.

Shiv is asked about how Sajid seemingly gave the former directions, and the reporter asks that after Sajid left, it feels like his game has gotten a bit low. Shiv says that he is not an actor yet, and never made friends to play the game.

Priyanka and Shiv are asked about their initial good friendship, which changed quickly.

Day 130, 5:00 PM IST

Shiv is asked about how a lot of the Mandali members were willing to sacrifice the trophy for him, and asked if he would do the same for Stan. Shiv answers honestly, saying that even though he would be happy to see Stan win, it would feel better if he(Shiv) held the trophy rather than Stan.

Archana and Priyanka are questioned about their on and off friendship, and asked if the friendship was for convenience. Priyanka says that Archana has changed for the better. Archana also says that she used to be bothered about little things, and is not now.

Stan is asked about how he compliments Priyanka, but never to her face. Archana is asked about how she had scolded Tina and Priyanka for wasting food, while ration tasks had been eliminated because of her. Archana is likened to Rakhi Sawant, because the former makes a lot of arguments.

Day 130, 5:15 PM IST

Stan is asked why he always says that Mandali should always win, and why people should vote for him. He gives a mike dropping answer and adds that he is also a part of the Mandali.

Priyanka is questioned about the torture task, and what Archana did. The latter is questioned about how she had been evicted from the house first, because of what she did to Shiv. Archana is questioned if she had double standards.

Stan is asked about how he had gone from disinterested to become a good player. He is asked to say shemdi once, for the public.

Day 130, 5:30 PM IST

Priyanka had said that Nimrit had privilege, and was questioned that it seemed like she had privilege as well, since she had Ankit with her. When Shalin is questioned about whether he is weak in relationships, Archana says that he is like the boy who cried wolf.

Day 130, 5:45 PM IST

Archana is asked if she had fought with Stan and Shiv to be in the spotlight, and the former says that she did not even consider them strong contestants at the time. Shiv is questioned about his ‘Common Man’ moniker he gave himself.

Shalin is questioned about Tina and his ‘real’ persona a lot. One reporter asks why Priyanka did not say anything when Shalin commented about some of the women’s looks.

Day 130, 6:30 PM IST

Shalin thinks that he felt like Stan was making fun of him, and Stan criticises Shalin for making fun of him. The two have a discussion about them. Stan says that it seems like Shalin is acting like the victim. The two then have an argument. The two mock and become annoyed at each other. Shalin asks Stan to stop talking to him, and raises his voice. Shalin declares that he is not a victim. Archana requests them to end the argument as they all will go home in 5 days. Shalin and Stan decide not to talk to each other.

Day 130, 7:00 PM IST

Priyanka asks Stan and Shiv about what they said about her and her looks, and if they had said anything about her having ‘two boyfriends’. Shiv defends Stan.

Day 130, 7:15 PM IST

Bigg Boss questions Archana about how many days are left, and she says 4, and is corrected by others who say that it is 5. Bigg Boss repeats that 5 days are left a number of times, and he warns them that the public will decide their fate within 5 days. Archana tears up.

Stan and Shalin discuss their fight with Shiv and Priyanka respectively. Shalin then confronts Stan and the discussion is brought up yet again. The two hug it out.

Day 130, 7:45 PM IST

Archana asks Priyanka to cut the vegetables. Priyanka tells Archana to do it herself. The two discuss the way they had divided the kitchen duties and soon disagree on it. Archana declares that she will do it herself and she will make all the meals.

Day 130, 8:00 PM IST

Archana calls Priyanka a ‘Kaamchor’, when Shalin tries to talk to them. Priyanka and Archana argue. Shiv and Stan go to see the ruckus.

Day 130, 10:15 PM IST

Archana cries saying that she only speaks to Bigg Boss as no one else listens to her. She becomes emotional and tells her tale of woe to Shalin. She also questions why Shalin is allowing himself to be the fool.

Shiv, Stan and Priyanka also have a discussion.

Day 130, 12:00 AM IST

Shalin roams around the empty house, and marvels at the house. He talks to the huge horse statue inside the house, and even neighs and mimics trots.

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