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Bigg Boss 16 February 8 Written Update: Archana Gautam and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary get into a tiff over kitchen duties

Journalists grill the Bigg Boss 16 contestants during the latest episode.

Bigg Boss 16 February 8 Written Update: Archana Gautam and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary get into a tiff over kitchen duties
Archana Gautam and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary in Bigg Boss 16 (Courtesy: ColorsTV/Twitter)

Last Updated: 07.36 AM, Feb 09, 2023


The ultimate guest invites a fresh group of people to question Shalin, Priyanka, Stan, Shiv, and Archana as a new day breaks in the Bigg Boss 16 house. After being let inside, the journalists started asking the residents of the residence some difficult questions. The drama in the home never stops, and after interacting with the media, the housemates often get into fights.

Stan thanks Priyanka for offering him a tin of coffee. Stan informs Shiv about Priyanka's actions. The Mandali believe they have given everything to the show, as Archana informs Shalin. They, not Mandali, according to Shalin, gave the spectacle their all.

Stan is consulted by Priyanka over her choice of earrings. As Priyanka sings, Shiv chuckles. Stan and Shiv want Bigg Boss to send them a barber. Shiv requests that Stan inquire about the song Priyanka was singing. Shiv laughs in the same way that Stan does. The interaction between the three is amusing. Stan makes an attempt at singing it but ends up giggling. Dil Deewana is then sung by the group.

Bigg Boss conducts a press conference for the top five, and the host gives the journalists complete freedom to ask whatever they want. In addition to being questioned about the significant secret Tina revealed to Priyanka, she is asked if she sometimes feels like she is overprotecting the other residents. A reporter questions Shalin about how he made fun of Nimrit's emotional low, as well as his own. Shalin is questioned about how he recovered from his mental breakdown shortly after Tina left. It felt like he had recovered rapidly, but Shalin adds that it was the final day of his anxiety medications. He also responds to his accusations of "overreacting."

When asked about their reactions, Stan and Shiv stated that Shalin was acting out of his genuine anger. Shalin claims that when he was experiencing a low point emotionally, everyone was kind to him.

Shiv is asked about how Sajid seems to have told him what to do, and the reporter asks if Shiv's work has gotten worse since Sajid left. Shiv claims that he has never made friends to play the game and that he is not yet an actor.

Shiv and Priyanka are questioned over their once-close friendship, which abruptly changed. Shiv is asked if he would sacrifice the trophy for Stan in the same way that many Mandali members were willing to do so for him. Shiv tells him the truth, saying that he would be happy for Stan to succeed, but he would feel better if he, not Stan, won the prize.

When asked about their intermittent friendship, Archana and Priyanka are asked if it was only a matter of convenience. Archana has improved, according to Priyanka. In addition, Archana claims that she used to worry about little matters but no longer does.

When Stan compliments Priyanka, it's never in front of her. Archana is asked why she yelled at Tina and Priyanka for wasting food when it was her job to get rid of the ration tasks. Archana is compared to Rakhi Sawant because of her proclivity to argue.

Stan is asked why he always thinks Mandali deserves to win and why other people should back him. He responds with a jaw-dropping statement and adds that he is also a Mandali member. Regarding the mission involving torture and what Archana did, Priyanka is questioned. The latter is questioned about how, as a result of what she did to Shiv, she was first kicked out of the house. Archana is questioned about her possible bias.

Stan is questioned about his transition from apathy to skill as a player. He is ordered to recite Shemdi once in front of everyone. Nimrit had privilege, according to Priyanka, and she was questioned about whether it appeared that she had privilege as well, given that Ankit was with her. Shalin is compared to the child who cried wolf when asked if he is weak in relationships, according to Archana.

When questioned if she competed with Stan and Shiv for attention, Archana replies that she didn't even think of them as formidable competitors at the time. Shiv is questioned over the nickname he gave himself, "Common Man." Shalin is frequently questioned regarding Tina and his "true" identity. One journalist questions why Priyanka was silent when Shalin made a remark about the appearance of some of the women.

Shalin claims that he thought Stan was making fun of him, and Stan chastises him for it. They are discussed by the two. Shalin appears to be acting victimised, according to Stan. The two then get into a fight. The two make fun of one another and grow irritated with one another. With a louder voice, Shalin tells Stan to stop talking to him. Shalin asserts his innocence as a victim. They all have to return home in five days, so Archana asks that they put an end to their fight. Stan and Shalin resolve against speaking to one another.

Priyanka asks Stan and Shiv what they thought about her looks and if they said anything about her having "two boyfriends." Shiv argues for Stan. When Bigg Boss asks Archana how many days are remaining, she replies, "Four." Others then correct her, saying, "Five." Bigg Boss reminds them numerous times that there are still five days left and cautions them that the public will decide their fate in those five days. Archana wails in pain.

Shalin and Stan talk about their fights with Priyanka and Shiv, respectively. The topic is then raised once more when Shalin confronts Stan. The two exchanged hugs. To cut the vegetables, Priyanka is asked by Archana. Priyanka instructs Archana to complete it on her own. They argue over how they split up the tasks in the kitchen after talking about it. Archana proclaims that she will handle everything and prepare every meal by herself.

When Shalin tries to speak with Priyanka, Archana refers to her as a "Kaamchor." Archana and Priyanka disagree. Shiv and Stan visit the commotion. Archana sobs and claims that Bigg Boss is the only person who listens to her because no one else does. She breaks down in tears and confides her ordeal to Shalin. She also questions Shalin's decision to let himself play the fool.

Additionally, Shiv, Stan, and Priyanka talk. Shalin explores the deserted house and is in awe of it. He talks to the huge horse statue inside the house. He even neighs and trots like a horse.

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