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Bigg Boss 16 promo: Tina and Shalin’s mothers arrive at the house, will chaos break out?

The duo’s parents have been guests on the show before as well, along with Sumbul’s father.

Bigg Boss 16 promo: Tina and Shalin’s mothers arrive at the house, will chaos break out?

Last Updated: 02.55 PM, Jan 11, 2023


It's family week on Bigg Boss season 16 and like all things family, things are bound to get both chaotic as well as emotional. The upcoming episode of the show promises to have a bit of chaos in store indeed, as both Shalin and Tina’s mothers are gearing to make their way onto the show.

A new promo for the upcoming episode shows what’s in store for viewers and housemates. As the housemates are ‘frozen’ by Bigg Boss, Tina’s mother Madhumita arrives. When she hugs her daughter and tells her that she is proud of her, Tina is unable to hold back her tears. Priyanka also tears up when Madhumita tells the Udaariyaan actress to continue being such a good friend to Tina.

Unsurprisingly, Tina asks her mother if she thinks Shalin does love the former, to which Madhumita replies “Nahi nahi, koi pyar vyaar nahi hai”. Meanwhile, the other housemates try to push Shalin to talk to Madhumita, and the actor vehemently refuses, saying he does not even want to interact with her.

Things get interesting when Shalin’s mother too makes her way into the house. Tina gets as tense as ever mid freeze, telling her mother to stay cool as she does not want any kind of drama to happen. Madhumita tells Tina that she is not the former’s mother, while Shalin’s mother is seen wrapping Sumbul in a tight hug and calling her ‘meri jaan’. Shalin’s mother then moves onto Tina, hugging her,

The promo, shared by Colors TV, was captioned “Shalin aur Tina bane clash of moms ke shikaar.”

Check out the new promo:

Shalin and Tina’s mothers have made appearances on the show before, back in November, when they were part of a discussion headed by Salman Khan, which also included Sumbul’s father.

Family week on the show saw Shiv, Priyanka, Sajid, Nimrit, Stan and Archana’s loved ones appear as guests in the house as well.

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