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Bigg Boss 16 Shukravaar Ka Vaar with Farah Khan January 27, 2023 Highlights: Anil Kapoor competes with MC Stan in tapori language

Anil Kapoor comes in as a guest.

Bigg Boss 16 Shukravaar Ka Vaar with Farah Khan January 27, 2023 Highlights: Anil Kapoor competes with MC Stan in tapori language
Bigg Boss 16 - MC Stan.

Last Updated: 12.16 AM, Jan 28, 2023


Here's everything that happened on the episode...

January 27, 2023 11:11 PM IST

Farah meets the contestants, who are busy fighting among themselves. They continue fighting as Farah simply observes them. Farah jokes she can hear Priyanka's voice till Filmcity gate.

Farah talks about Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan, makes the contestants dance on its song, Jhoome Jo Pathaan.

She then talks about the task and sees who is who. The host then reveals that everyone is wrong. The first is Archana, who is wrong. Archana is ikka. Priyanka isn't queen either. She and Shiv have to sit down again. Stan then brings a stool for the queen. Farah calls Tina the queen. She knows it is time to face the music. With that, the episode comes to an end.

January 27, 2023 10:50 PM IST

A new task is here. Archana calls Sumbul Touqeer Khan joker, making Sumbul call Archana's reason bakwaas. Archana calls herself ikka, Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary queen, Shiv Thakare king. Shalin Bhanot calls Shiv king, Priyanka queen, himself ikka and Archana joker. Shiv picks MC Stan as king, Archana joker, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia ikka and Sumbul queen. Sumbul calls Stan king, Priyanka queen, Archana joker and Shiv ikka. Nimrit gives Shiv king, Priyanka queen, Stan ikka. Soon after, Archana asks Bigg Boss to extend the show since Stan has just opened up. Nimrit calls Archana the joker too. This leads to an argument again. Stan and Tina Datta also have an argument again. Stan calls Archana joker again and Shiv-Archana have an argument again. Stan calls Nimrit ikka and Priyanka queen. Priyanka calls Shiv king, herself ikka, Sumbul joker and Archana queen. As Archana is named, Shalin drops in his opinion. Tina picks Shiv as king, Archana queen, Sumbul joker and Priyanka ikka. Shalin says Shiv is king, Priyanka queen, Archana joker and ikka is fluctuating. Priyanka fights back because she wants to be ikka. She eventually agrees to be queen. Shalin then calls Stan the owner of the casino. Shiv then asks Sumbul if she's a part of the mandali, while taunting Priyanka.

Shiv points out how the mandali members have been compares to crocodiles and chamelions. Nimrit tells the mandali that Priyanka is talking to Sumbul 'because she finds her smart.' Archana, on the other hand, discusses with Tina about how Stan is excited for the trophy after saying that he wanted to leave in the start.

January 27, 2023 10:37 PM IST

The contestants have to name a manager. Archana, Tina, Priyanka name Shiv as someone who stands up for his friends. Shalin, Stan, Sumbul, Shiv, Nimrit pick Priyanka. Anil then asks Shalin to show him his walk. Priyanka is day manager and Shiv is night manager. With that, Anil makes his exit from the show. Farah walks him out.

Archana Gautam gets excited remembering how Anil Kapoor greeted her. She is upset since she couldn't say a shayari in front of him.

January 27, 2023 10:17 PM IST

Nimrit screams about Priyanka in front of the mandali and Stan adds in. Priyanka does the same with Tina and Archana.

Farah then enters the house and meets the contestants again, this time post Sajid Khan's exit from the show. The host talks about a legendary actor. She is talking about Anil Kapoor. He is here to promote The Night Manager. Anil challenges Stan about tapori language. Stan teaches Anil the language and vice-versa. Anil turns Majnu bhai.

Anil's next target is Shalin. He has to act like he has done on the show. Archana is the next target. Anil asks Archana to do a shayari and she blushes as he comes close to her. Anil does shayari instead of Archana. She cannot do a shayari and as she does so, Anil gives her a back hug on Farah's suggestion.

Archana gets a gift - a portrait of rose. Sumbul then dances to Pathaan's Besharam Rang for Anil. Farah praises her saying Sumbul danced no less than Deepika Padukone. Anil reveals he's the antagonist in The Night Manager.

January 27, 2023 09:45 PM IST

Shukravaar Ka Vaar is here and this time, it's not Salman Khan who hosts the show. Farah Khan is here instead. Soon, she introduces Mika Singh to the stage. He says he will be a contestant on the show sometime and would take Honey Singh and Badshah along. He loved Abdu Rozik and Sajid Khan on the show.

Mika meets the housemates. He grooves to his song with Shalin Bhanot and takes Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary on stage as Bijlee starts. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Archana Gautam and Sumbul Touqeer Khan join him, followed by the whole house dancing. He then flirts with Archana.

Mika remembers Nimrit and her father's incident and makes Archana sing and MC Stan rap with 'Something Something.'

The 440 Volt task is here. Archana names Shiv Thakare. Tina Datta picks Nimrit. Priyanka picks Shalin. Mika compares Shalin to Salman, making him grateful. Priyanka then picks Nimrit and vice-versa. Sumbul, Shalin pick Priyanka. Stan, Shiv pick Archana. Priyanka receives most shock treatments.

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