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Bigg Boss 16 Shukravaar Ka Vaar with Salman Khan November 11, 2022 Highlights: Priyanka-Ankit face housemates, fans' wrath

It is day one since Archana Gautam's eviction from the house,.

Bigg Boss 16 Shukravaar Ka Vaar with Salman Khan November 11, 2022 Highlights: Priyanka-Ankit face housemates, fans' wrath
Bigg Boss 16 - Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary, Ankit Gupta.

Last Updated: 11.29 PM, Nov 11, 2022


Salman Khan is back with Shukravaar Ka Vaar. This happens right after Archana Gautam's exit from the house. Will he address the topics?

Find out what happened in the episode...

November 11, 2022 10:53 PM IST

Sunny and Arjun finally meet Salman. Sunny and Salman dance to Munni Badnaam. Sunny has to recreate Salman's dialogue Aam Ka Achaar. Salman recreates Hum Aapke Hain Koun scene with Sunny.

Salman meets the contestants and recalls Shiv-Archana's fight. He then goes to Shalin and Priyanka. PriyAnkit have to go to the activity area. They meet their fan who questions Priyanka about Ankit's friendship with Nimrit and Shiv. Priyanka gets questioned for not expecting from Ankit and yet calling him out.

Salman asks PriyAnkit their relationship status and they maintain they are friends. The host questions Priyanka if her love for Ankit is one-sided and she says he's a friend. Salman then guides Ankit on how to go about the show and explains how people will perceive Priyanka. He calls them each other's liability. Priyanka almost breaks down again. Salman tells Priyanka that the way she is going, she might get out of the house before Ankit. He says Priyanka has become a joke on National TV because she talks on Ankit's behalf. The episode ends with them joining the others after an intense session with Salman.

November 11, 2022 10:37 PM IST

Tina and Ankit have to rate each other. Shiv and Ankit have a sarcastic argument as Tina explains her depiction of Ankit.

Ankit calls Tina the mastermind in strategies in her group. Arjun compliments the contestants and leaves the house.

Soundarya, Gautam and Gori discuss about Stan. Priyanka also joins in and later, she tells Ankit that they all are fake. The two call Stan 'badtameez.'

They confront Stan, who refuses to talk. Shiv comes to Stan's support as Priyanka fights for Gori. The fight goes to Stan and Shiv calling Ankit chamcha and popat. Ankit then comes to fight for himself too. Stan and Shiv say they will make PriyAnkit's life tougher now. Sajid gives dog barking example and asks if a human will bark back at a dog. Stan then says he will fight in every matter.

November 11, 2022 10:22 PM IST

Splitsvilla's Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani come to the house with a new task. Shalin and Gori have a dance face-off on Kala Chashma. Gori wins.

Ankit Gupta has to give Arjun a lap dance on Beat Pe Booty. Priyanka roots for him.

Heartbreak task is here. Tina says Abdu won her heart and Shalin broke it. Stan gives Gori his heart and says Priyanka broke it. Stan then reveals that Soundarya-Gautam said something wrong for Gori.

Nimrit says Abdu won her heart and Gautam broke it. Sajid says Sumbul Touqeer Khan won his heart and Gori broke it. Sumbul returns the heart back to Sajid and gives a broken heart to Shalin. Ankit gives his heart to Priyanka and broken heart to Nimrit. The latter says she doesn't regret abusing Priyanka. Shiv then questions Ankit how does he tolerate Priyanka all day and he comes in her support.

November 11, 2022 10:15 PM IST

Shalin offers Soundarya chocolate. She then tells Gori Nagori about it.

Abdu then calls Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia his sister. Everyone in the group has their opinion on that. Shiv tells Abdu that he shouldn't listen to Sajid all the time. Nimrit felt bad as Abdu siszoned her.

Shalin says that Archana should have stayed in the house because of her parents. Stan and Shv stop him.

November 11, 2022 10:00 PM IST

Salman Khan enters Shukravaar Ka Vaar with Tiger Zinda Hai song Swag Se Swagat. He recalls about Abdu Rozik's captaincy and Archana Gautam-Shiv Thakare's fight.

MC Stan tells Shiv about Tina Datta trying to get close to him and Shalin Bhanot getting pissed off because of that. Meanwhile, Soundarya Sharma feels Gautam Singh Vig's ex will come in the house.

Abdu tells Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary he doesn't understand how is she always wrong according to him. Shalin, on the other hand, says Tina is harsh with him. She is upset with him and Shalin says he misses her.

Gautam is pissed with Soundarya who thinks people will judge him. She then warns him that she will hurt him more. He walks out and cries next to Sajid Khan. He asks him to speak up. Soundarya comes to Gautam and Sajid makes an exit. She apologizes to him.

Tina and Priyanka have an argument over dishes again. Soundarya then shows concern for Gautam as he keeps on smoking instead of eating real food. Shalin comes in between and asks them to do things in person because the public will mock them. He then consoles Gautam.

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