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Bigg Boss 17 – A glimpse into Munawar Faruqui’s live comedy on Vicky Jain and Mannara Chopra

Munawar Faruqui found an audience for his live comedy show

Bigg Boss 17 – A glimpse into Munawar Faruqui’s live comedy on Vicky Jain and Mannara Chopra
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Last Updated: 12.09 AM, Dec 12, 2023


Munawar Faruqui got to perform live inside the Bigg Boss 17 house. Not just that, the comedian even found an audience and it was full house. Munawar had jokes written on two of his alliances in the house – Vicky Jain and Mannara Chopra. The makers have shared a glimpse of those jokes on social media.

Munawar on Vicky

Munawar picked on Vicky. He said that Vicky is that salesman of the house who is in loss thanks to Bigg Boss himself. This made Vicky and his wife Ankita Lokhande also laugh out loud. Munawar then said that Vicky manipulated Bigg Boss as well. Calling Vicky a diamond, Munawar said, “Heera kaatne ke kaam mein aata hai aur Vicky bhai ne yahan itno ka kaata hai.”

On Mannara

Munawar then went on to talk about Mannara and how she approached him in the washroom area before the skit. Munawar said that it would not help her game. His jokes got Munawar all the attention in the house. Samarth Jurel and Abhishek Kumar approached Munawar on the stage to appreciate his art.

Munawar performs live for the first time

Munawar performed live for the first time on Bigg Boss 17. The task was tough, since Munawar had to gather housemates who would pick his comedy show over the ration task. Somehow, the contestants were there to root for Munawar despite the difficulty at hand. The housemates were given 5000 points to spend in one of the activities. From the looks of it, they probably did both.

Three other performers left in the house

Apart from Munawar, there are three performers in the house. Arun Mahashetty is a gamer who makes commentary on games and indulges in fun videos with his wife on their YouTube channel. The latest wild card contestant Aoora is a K-pop singer who gained popularity in India by singing Hindi songs. KhanZaadi aka Firoza Khan is a rapper. Whether any or all of them also get an opportunity to perform, remains to be seen.

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